At, your privacy is our top-most concern and to protect the data collected from you here we all are committed. Here, you will know how we protect and use the personal information that we have collected. The main goal of the site is to provide clarity at so you have full faith in the integrity of your browsing experience.

To any website, this Privacy Policy does not extend and can be accessed from this website. In addition to terms and conditions, you should also know the privacy policy of car rental websites.

Data We Collect

Personal Information 

We gather the data such as email addresses, first and last names, mobile numbers, etc. you provide on our website. Despite this, you are also asked to provide details related to loyalty memberships and travel service preferences.

Information from Other Sources

We may collect information about you from other sources such as affiliate partners and other independent third parties.

Information about Others

Through the website, if you are booking for someone else then it asks you to provide personal information about that individual. Ensure that the data you provided about that person is aware of the thing you have done. Here, how we use information is described, so access to modify their information is only done through your account.

Payment Information

If you are booking through the provided company’s website then you need to enter the payment information including the cardholder’s name, CVV, and card number. Through SSL technology, all the information is transferred and stored in our payment gateway providers’ database only. After finishing the transaction, on our servers, your card numbers will not be stored. These card numbers are stored in a PCI-compliant manner.

Automatic Information Collected 

We automatically collect some information even if you don’t make a booking when you visit our website. The collected data includes IP address, time zone, and some of the cookies that are installed on your PC. Whenever you surf the internet we collect information about the individual web pages that you view. Besides, also the information about how you interact with the website. The main aim behind this is to enhance user experience and prevent fraud.

How do we use the collected information?   

Below are the tips that will help you know how we use the personal information collected from you:

The information collected from you is used to send you a confirmation, updates, or any messages related to our services.

To monitor and analyze user statistics, to see how our services are being used.

It is used to provide and enhance customer service and to respond to your emails, comments, or requests.

Moreover, the collected data is used to improve our webpage as we are continuously trying to make our services better.

From whom your data is shared

Due to the following reasons we share your data with the company, organizations, or entities:

To provide you with the support our advisors, employees, and group companies give you surety that website is running without trouble. Thus, collected information is required for business operational reasons.

To investigate and protect our users from unlawful services third parties required information for legal reasons as required by law.

Other than this, you will also get informed when your information is shared with third parties. Thus, in such cases, you will have the opportunity to choose whether your information is shared or not with third parties.

How can we protect your data?

To avoid unauthorized access and make sure about the correct use of data we have used various methods. To respect legal obligations, resolve arguments, and defend legal rights we keep some information after you cancel the requested information.


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