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June 13, 2023

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Car Rental Fuel Policy

Thinking of getting away for the weekend? Then you must’ve already booked your flights and pinned your hotel. But before you rent your car for sightseeing, consider several things. And the car rental fuel policy is at the top of that list.

Therefore, you can get the highest gas rates and a big fat fuel bill unless you fully understand how rental fuel policies work.

Then why not learn about some standard but essential fuel policies and save your precious money? Trust me; I will take at most 5 minutes. So, invest 5 minutes from your precious schedule, and save hundreds of dollars. Come one!

4 Important Car Rental Fuel Policies

While there are several rental fuel policies, some are more profitable for renters. So, they’ve become popular, and renters often follow one of these policies while renting a car.

So, today I’ll shed light on these popular fuel policies. And, in turn, help you find a policy that’s best fit for you.


1.   Fill the Tank Back Policy

The “Fill the Tank Back” or “Full-to-Full” policy is the most common car fuel policy most reputed rental companies follow.

In this policy, the renter picks up their car with a full tank of fuel. And after they’ve used the vehicle, the renters return it, filling it with the same amount of gas.

However, if the renter receives a car with less than a full tank, they must contact their renting agent and tell them of the situation. Moreover, they must also take a clear picture of the tank and present them as proof.

The renter can refuel the car and keep the receipt with them. And while returning the vehicle, they can present the picture and the receipt to the company. Therefore, they can avoid getting overcharged for refueling.

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2.   Buy Your Fuel Policy

Buy Your Fuel,” or the “Fuel Pre-purchase” policy, is the best fuel policy for any renter. And the best part is, like the Full-toFull policy, most companies offer this policy as well.

Thus, the renter doesn’t have to worry about refueling the car before returning it. All they have to do is pre-pay for the fuel they might need during the trip and take out the car.

But the renter must also remember that if they don’t use the entire gas, their money will be wasted. That’s because no rental company offers any refund policy.

Hence, it’s better to avail of this policy during longer trips. It’ll help the renters utilize the fuel they paid for.

3.   Get Fuel for Free While Renting the Car Policy

Getting Free Fuel” or “Free Fuel Policy” lets car rental companies include the fuel in the car rental. And although this is rare among car rental companies, some companies do have this policy.

For example, Zipcar uses this policy and is thus quite popular among renters. In this policy, renters don’t have to pay extra for the fuel as they’ve already paid the car rent.

However, if their fuel goes below ¼ of the fuel tank, the renters can refill it. And to fill the tank, they can use the company’s fuel card or their own money.

But if they pay their money to refill the car, they can keep the receipt to get a refund from the company.

4.   The PUNISHMENT Policy

The “Punishment” or “Fuel Post-purchase” policy applies when the renter fails to pre-pay for the fuel and doesn’t fuel the car. In such a case, the company bills a high refueling charge to the renter.

The higher rate applies as the company charges the renter a local rate. Moreover, the company also charges an administration fee, as they have to fill the car.

And the company might also charge you even after you refuel it at a gas station. However, you can avoid it by showing the refueling receipt to the rental company.

Hence, you can call this policy the Punishment policy. The renters have to pay for being callous and not taking the fueling policy seriously.

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Concluding Thoughts

Knowing deeply about car rental fuel policy helps you understand which car rental company is best for you. So, now that you know about these policies, you can pin a car rental company and rent your preferred car.

However, I suggest you go for any policy you want except for the “Fuel Post-purchase” policy. It won’t be favorable to your pocket and also cause unnecessary hassle.

Ultimately, I hope you pick a car rental policy suitable for your pocket and have a great trip. I wish you a happy journey!c


Will I get a Refund if There’s Any Fuel Left in The Car After I Pre-pay For It?

Unfortunately, if you’ve already paid for a certain level of fuel and don’t use it, you won’t get a refund. It doesn’t matter if you have the receipt or proof of not exhausting the gas; you won’t get a refund. Hence, using the car’s fuel before returning it is better. That way, you won’t have to waste your money while renting a car.

Can You Elaborate on the Car Rental Fuel Policy?

Fuel policy refers to the rules and regulations imposed regarding fuel usage by a car rental company. These rules include the fuel a renter must leave in the tank before dropping the car. Moreover, if they fail to abide by the policy, the car company will take action to recollect the lost fuel.

Is it Necessary to Fill the Tank While Returning A Rental Car?

It depends on what policy you’ve chosen while renting your car. If you’ve chosen the “Full-to-Full” fuel policy, you must fill the tank before returning it. However, if you choose a pre-paid fuel policy, you don’t have to fill the tank. Moreover, the car rental company will give you a refund if there’s any fuel left in the car.

Can You Tell Me What Kind of Fuel Policy a New Car Renter Has to Follow?

While there’re tons of fuel policies, a new renter must follow a pre-paid fuel purchase policy. It’ll help them drive their car without any hassle of refueling before returning it. Moreover, they can also get a refund if they don’t use the amount of fuel they paid for.

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