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March 18, 2024

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Car Rental Long Island

Long Island is famous for its beaches. It’s also the best place to enjoy food, wine, and fun family activities at attractions like Adventureland.

Many rental companies in Long Island offer rentals, such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, Dollar, Empire, Hyundai Veloster, etc. These companies offer different types of cars, such as full-size, minivans, standard, passenger vans, luxury, premium or standard SUVs, compact SUVs, etc.

Renting a vehicle in Long Island lets you discover your favourite beaches in comfort. Thus, you must rent a vehicle in advance to get exclusive deals and discounts. Hence, you must visit our website to get the best deal. So, let’s proceed!

Discovering Long Island

Long Island is the most popular destination for meetings, tourism, events, etc. It is situated in southeastern New York state. Using a car rental, one can easily access New York City and various beautiful attractions, from the Hamptons beaches to diverse dining, award-winning gardens, and charming downtowns.

Moreover, this island is home to trendy restaurants, wineries, and antique shops. Cheap car rentals in Long Island include Pickup trucks, premium SUVs, convertibles, economy cars, etc. If you book economy, it costs around $6/day. If you choose a full-size SUV, rental costs might be $7/day. Choose the best car type and explore the entire Long Island.

Diverse Attraction – beaches and landmarks 

Determining the most attractive beaches might be personal, but preferences depend on individual interests and tastes. Long Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, which offer unique appeal. The top beaches in Long Island are provided below:

Jones Beach State Park: This beach is well-known for its golden shoreline, amenities, and many restful activities like surfing, swimming, and concerts.

Main Beach, East Hampton: It is famous for its clean sands, attractive dunes, and constant high rankings among the top beaches in the US.

Apart from the beaches, there are some must-visit destinations that you need to explore on Long Island. The names of some places that you see while visiting Long Island are below:

  • Sunken Meadow
  • Adventure Land
  • City Field
  • The Hamptons
  • The Duck
  • Splish Splash, etc.

Finding the Perfect Car

Are you looking for the best rentals on Long Island? Many car rental companies offer the best deals and discounts, such as Alamo Car Rental, ACE Car Rental, Avis Car Rental, Enterprise Car Rental, Dollar Car Rental, and Hertz Car Rental.

1. Enterprise Car Rental

It is a trusted company offering complete solutions for individual travel needs. Enterprise provides reliable customer service and various convenient locations to customers.


  • Unexpected assistance and customer support.
  • Various vehicle selections for every occasion.
  • Easy online booking system for comfort.


  • Limited mileage options
  • Wait time might be high during peak seasons.
  • Extra fees for drivers under 25.


Cost to Hire a Car in the US: Renting a vehicle in Long Island depends on various factors, such as location, rental duration, vehicle type, etc. However, it costs around $64/day.

Facts to consider before renting Enterprise Car Rental:

  • Insurance Coverage: Determine additional coverage and know the rental insurance options if needed.
  • Rental Policies: You must review Enterprise terms related to fuel, mileage, and return requirements.
  • Discount Opportunities: To enhance savings, explore available deals and discounts.

2. Avis Car Rental

Avis Car Rental offers a comprehensive solution for travel needs in Long Island. With various selections of vehicles and rental locations, it offers a reliable rental experience for customers.


  • Various types of vehicles, from economy to luxury.
  • Reliable customer support and service.
  • Appropriate rental locations


  • Additional fees for drivers under 25.
  • During peak seasons, waiting time might be high.
  • Availability of vehicles differs by location.


Cost to Hire a Car in the United States: Renting an Avis car starts from $48/day. The price might differ based on various factors, including location, duration, vehicle type, etc.


Is Avis Car Rental Worth It? Avis offers competitive pricing, suitable services, and a diverse fleet, making it a useful option for travellers and locals.

Driver’s Requirements 

To rent a car, drivers must have to fulfil the eligibility criteria. The basic criteria are prescribed below:

  • Drivers must be at least 18 or older.
  • They must have a valid driver’s license.
  • A debit or credit card is needed.


Note: Individuals with learners cannot rent a vehicle in Long Island, New York.

Tips for Renting a Car in Long Island 

  1. While renting a car in Long Island, you must determine where to spend your time during your stay.
  2. 25% of users found car rentals for $51 or less in Long Island.
  3. You must hire a vehicle at least one day before your trip to get an ordinary price.
  4. Full-size rental cars are 86% cheaper than other car types.
  5. On average, off-airport car rental locations are 3% more expensive than other airport locations.


The rentals mentioned above have become a reliable choice for individuals renting cars in Long Island. They offer the best customer service, affordable prices, and a wide selection of vehicles. To know more about car rental in Long Island, visit our website or comment in the sections below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does renting a car in Long Island, New York, cost?

The costs of renting a car in Long Island are listed below. The price might differ depending on the type of car you choose from.

Economy $6/day
Standard SUV $9/day
Supplier choice $22/day
Compact SUV $33/day
Premium coupe $58/day


How old must you be to rent a car on Long Island?

All renters and drivers must be 18 or older to rent a car and have a valid driver’s license. Alternatively, learners are not allowed to book a vehicle.

Should we rent a car on the Big Island?

Yes, renting a vehicle is possible on the Big Island, also known as Hawaii Island. Driving is the best option for getting around and provides the most flexibility. At 10,930 square miles, this island has various things to cover.

Why are rental cars so expensive in NYC?

Renting costs are higher mainly during peak times, including weekends and holidays. However, many rental companies charge extra fees for GPS navigation and insurance. These factors make rental cars expensive in NYC.

What is the cheapest rental company in Long Island?

Many rental companies offer low prices for renting a car in Long Island, such as Thrifty ($7/day), Hertz ($5/day), and Alamo ($7/day).

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