Hopper Car Rental: Requirements, How to Use, and More


February 19, 2024

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Hopper Car Rental

Hopper is the most downloaded travel app in North America, and it has helped more than 200 million travelers save money. That’s why most people search for ‘Hopper car rental.’

This renowned travel agency partners with airlines, homes, hotels, and car rental providers all over the world.

Hopper is capable of making the most accurate price predictions due to its algorithms that can process and archive trillions of data points. It examines more than 30 billion price points every day to help its users benefit from every deal.

In this blog, you will learn about the requirements for Hopper car rental, how to book a car using Hopper, and other helpful things related to renting a car. So, go through the whole blog if you are planning to rent a car for your vacation.

Hopper Car Rental Requirements:

The following are the things you must keep ready:

  1. Your valid driving license.
  2. An extra photo ID. if traveling abroad, you must bring your passport.
  3. Your form of payment must be acceptable to cover all costs, including any deposit.
  4. You must fulfill the minimum age requirements.
  5. Your confirmation number. This number can be found in your trip summary or in your confirmation email.
  6. Address proof (see rental policies because this requirement is subject to change as per your location).

Remember that specific requirements may vary according to the rental company and location. It’s wise to review the policies and requirements of the rental office where you will pick up the vehicle.


How to Book a Car on Hopper App?

If you want to know how the Hopper car rental system works so that you can book a car rental, the following are the steps:

  1. Open your app, and choose ‘Cars’ from the home screen.
  2. Then, type in your pickup location. To return your car to a different location, you need to uncheck the green box and type in your desired drop-off location.
  3. After that, choose your chosen pickup and drop-off dates and times. Then, type in your driver’s age. Although you may change your pickup and drop-off times after booking, the provider may charge you a raised price or fee.
  4. See your options. On this screen, you’d better add filters to narrow down the options and see your options on the map. If your driver is below 25, they will be regarded as a young driver by the rental car company. Use the filter to avoid choosing those charging a fee for young drivers.
  5. Now, choose your desired option and see all the booking details. On this last screen, choose the correct driver. After that, you need to opt in or out of extra Hopper products.
  6. When you have carefully checked the dates, times, and location, you should confirm your reservation by sliding the Swipt to Reserve.
  7. Upon confirmation of your booking, you will get an email from Hopper and see your upcoming reservation in your Hopper app.

Hopper Car Rental Deposit?

Although acceptable payment methods are subject to change according to company and location, Hopper’s advice is to have a credit card that you can present at pickup.

Mostly, the card given at the rental counter needs to be a credit card with registration under the driver’s name. In addition, the card must have sufficient funds to cover both the rental cost and the deposit.

If you don’t have a suitable payment method, your booking may be rejected and affected by the cancellation policy.

In case you do not have a credit card or wish to use a debit card, Hopper advises you to check the acceptable payment methods at your specific pickup location before booking.

You can get this information on the branch’s website. Alternatively, you can get this information by reaching out to them directly.

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Tips for a Smooth Rental Experience:

The following are the top 5 tips for a hassle-free car rental experience:

1.   Book Early:

When you hire a car online, you can find the best discounts early on. Therefore, you must book your rental car in advance so that you can get it at a better price.

Prices and possibilities can cause problems in car rental as your departure date comes close, especially in busy seasons or major events. So, when you book in advance, you can get a car at a lower price. In addition, you get so many options to choose from.

2.   Know about the Insurance Coverage:

To avoid or lessen probable issues if accidents or any damage happen, you must know about car rental insurance. So, pay close attention to the conditions to ensure that you need additional insurance or not. In fact, many credit cards and personal auto insurance plans can provide you with limited coverage for rental automobiles.

Some automobile rental companies give their own insurance choices like liability and collision damage waivers. So, you must ensure that you know the coverage details and other related expenses very well.

3.   Pay Heed to Rental Terms and Conditions:

You must read and understand the rental agreement without any confusion before you make a reservation.

So, remember to take into account possible hidden expenditures like mileage limits, fuel consumption limits, additional driver fees, and late return penalties.

4.   Car Verification is a Must:

Before picking up your rental car, you must remember its verification. So, make sure that the rental company has recorded any existing damage honestly and accurately. The damage can be like scratches, dents, and the like.

If you find the record of the state of the car accurate, it will prevent you from being responsible for any damages you didn’t do. However, if you find anything unusual or worth complaining about, inform the rental staff immediately.

In addition, you must get a formal acknowledgment of any damage that was already in the car.

5.   Accept Digitization:

Digital technology has also made its way into the car rental sector. So, you can complete documentation and transactions electronically. So, look for a trustworthy car rental provider, as digitization accelerates the process, which will save you from waiting.

In addition, you don’t need to spend your energy on personal interaction.

Car Rental Booking Process Overview:

The following is an overview of renting a car:

1.   Your driving license must be valid:

Check your state-issued license’s expiration date. If it expires, get it renewed. If you need to travel overseas, you must have an international driver’s permit (IDP). Most countries in Europe need such international permits.

2.   Verify Age Limits:

Not all counties have the same age limit. For example, in the USA, a driver can rent a car at 21, with an additional daily fee. In addition, there may be some vehicle mode restrictions if your age is below 25.

In Europe, countries like Iceland can let you rent a car at 20. So, you must know about age limits before you decide to book a car.

3.   Choose a Reliable Car Rental Company:

Many companies have the same limits and requirements on their rental fees, but you must verify that you can drive for unlimited miles with your rental car before signing any agreements.

Having a mileage cap is beneficial if you drive for a short distance each day, but for a road trip, having unlimited miles can help you save money.

So, check the car rental company website to know about restrictions, and ask anything popping up in your mind related to this matter.

4.   Choose the Vehicle You Love:

Choose a car, taking into account your driving style and budget. Don’t forget to inspect the vehicle before renting. In fact, ask your agent to help you with the verification for things like dents and scratches.

In addition, don’t forget to see the miles showing at the odometer and note it. You must do it, especially if you have a daily mileage cap.

5.   Your Payment Method must be Acceptable:

Debit and credit cards are acceptable payment methods. Many companies don’t accept cash or checks. In fact, they need the renter to provide them with some deposit for security purposes.

So, read the rental agreement, and you must have sufficient funds in your account if paying with a debit card.

Many credit cards come with free rental insurance. If you have one like this, it can help you avoid daily insurance fees, which will save you money. However, if it doesn’t, take the one provided by the car rental company.

Remember to keep the receipt unless you return the car. Doing so can help you avoid future conflicts.

6.   Return the Rental Car on Time:

Return your rental car on time to avoid penalty charges. It’s wise to extend your grace period if you don’t know exactly when you will return the car.


Is the Hopper app legit for car rental?

Yes, the Hopper app is legit for car rental. In fact, it’s well known for booking flights, hotels, and homes quickly, easily and securely.

How is Hopper so cheap?

It collects flight pricing data. After that, its algorithms check pricing trends to know how light prices will be according to past pricing. Thus, it can help you know whether you can buy the flight now or wait for a better deal.

Are there hidden fees with Hopper?

No, you can download Hopper for free, and it doesn’t have any hidden charges.

What is the advantage of booking on Hopper?

You can easily, quickly, and securely book flights, hotels, rental cars, and homes. The prices are real and without any hidden fees.

What are the benefits of using Hopper?

Hopper can help you find the lowest prices on hotels and flights. In addition, the app takes pride in its features like price alerts, flexible dates, price predictions, and free cancellation.

Let’s Conclude All:

Hopper has helped over 200 million travelers save money. That’s why it’s the most downloaded app in North America. It’s so secure and quick that everybody looks for ‘Hopper car rental’ when they have to rent a car for a vacation.

Hopper works with airlines, homes, hotels, and car rental providers globally. If you want to know more about Hopper car rental or any other services, call Hopper car rental phone number +1-833-933-HOP1 (+1-833-933-4671). This toll-free number will help you get in touch with a live Hopper car rental customer service agent.

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