How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car Dolly? [Everything To Know]


March 17, 2023

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car Dolly

For towing cars, car dollies are the best option. These are not only affordable but also good for towing cars for small distances. You will need a car dolly if you want to tow your car for any reason. Because of affordability, rental car dollies are the best option to go for. People looking for booking a car dolly always wonder- How much does it cost to rent a car dolly? Well, that depends on some crucial factors such as capacity & type of car dolly, location of pick up, duration, and so on.

In this blog, we will discuss crucial information about car dolly rental prices and the factors affecting it:

Factors affecting the rental cost of car dolly

There’s no doubt that car dollies are a great option especially when you want to move your car from one place to another. If you’re moving to a new city or going on a trip, you can rent a car dolly to move your car. Car dollies are the most affordable option when choosing auto transport.

However, the rental price of the car dolly depends on numerous factors. These factors are mentioned below:

Duration of the rental period

One of the crucial factors on which the rental price of a car dolly depends is the duration of the rental period. If the rental period is for longer days then the rental cost will also increase. So, find a suitable service for car tow dolly rental near me that offers the best price.

Distance of the trip

Another crucial factor that will affect the cost of a rental car dolly is the location where you are taking the car dolly. For longer distances, you’ll have to pay higher charges.

The capacity of the car dolly

You can get a rental dolly of any size and capacity as per your requirements. However, the rental cost of car dollies with higher capacities will be on the higher side. Depending on your car’s size and weight, you can choose the car dolly. For a 10,000lb tow dolly rental, you might have to pay additional charges.

Type of car dolly

You’ll find multiple sorts of car dollies for towing vehicles. Whatever type of car dolly you’re choosing, you’ll have to pay an increased charge for them.


How much is the rent of a car dolly?

The rental car dolly is a great way of transporting your car. As discussed above, rental costs can be increased or decreased depending on numerous factors. On average, the rental cost of a car will be between $40 to $320 or more. To get the cheapest tow dolly rental, you need to make an advance booking.

Vehicle size

The size of your car will also affect the daily rental cost of the car dolly. If you have a large car then it will require larger dollies.  This means the rental cost will ultimately increase. Thus, consider the size of your car before choosing any car dolly for towing your car.


In this blog, you can find out – How much does it cost to rent a car dolly in a detailed manner. The rental cost of a car dolly depends on the duration and distance for which you are renting the car. Here, we have covered some of the crucial factors that might impact the daily rental cost of the car dolly.



Is a tow dolly good for long distances?

A two-dolly is sometimes not good for long distances as it might impact or cause damage to the car. However, it is a crucial alternative to many transportation services.

What cars can be dolly towed?

A car dolly can tow a lot of cars right from small-sized to bigger ones. These are also suitable for compact cars and sedans.

Is a car dolly better than a trailer?

A car dolly is considered a better option for small vehicles, and local moves. Along with this, it is an affordable option for trainers. A car trailer is a good option if you’re traveling long distances and want to reduce the wear and tear on your car.

Are two dollies worth it?

Yes, car dollies are worth towing as they are comfortable and good for long distances move. It is a better option than any other transportation option for small distances.

How much is it to rent a car dolly from U-haul?

You might have to pay somewhere between $20.00 and $240.00 for renting a U-haul car dolly.

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