How Much To Rent A Car For A Day Enterprise? A Guide To Know


March 17, 2023

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How Much To Rent A Car For A Day Enterprise

Booking a rental car is always a wise decision if someone wants to drive the car on its own and explore the city. Whether you’re going on a vacation or going for a business meeting, car rentals are always a good option. However, the cost of car rental might be a cause of concern for many customers who are willing to rent a car. This makes most of the customers ask- How Much To Rent A Car For A Day Enterprise? Well, the cost of renting a car depends on numerous factors such as the type of car, location, added insurance, and so on.

In this blog, let’s dive into what factors affect rental costs, tips for saving on these costs, and enterprise rental car prices:

Factors that Affect Rental Costs

These are a few below-mentioned factors that influence the costs of the rental car. Scroll down to know them:

Type of car

The car rental company mostly classifies rental cars into different categories according to their costs. These include economy, compact, intermediate, and luxury. The cost of luxury rental cars would be too higher than that of economic ones.

Duration of rental

Another factor that influences the rental cost of a car for a day enterprise is the duration. Many times, car rental agencies charge a bit extra for peak time so you need to ask about the cost before booking the car.

Pick-up and drop-off location

If you are dropping off the rental car at a different location than the one from where you picked the car up might cost you extra. Also, there will be higher charges of extra charges if you’re picking up the rental car from high traffic area such as an airport.

Additional fees and taxes

Sometimes, toll taxes or insurance fees might also impact the cost of rental cars.


Enterprise Rental Car Prices

Let’s have a look at the enterprise rental car prices:

Daily rental costs for different car types

The daily rental costs will be priced differently for different car types. The expected cost to rent a car will vary on various factors including location and duration. The average cost of renting a car will be approximately $80- $95 per day.

Discounts and promotions

The rental company provides various comprehensive car-rental solutions along with different discounts and promotional codes to reduce the price.

Comparison with other rental car companies

Before choosing any rental company, it is crucial to shop around and look for other rental companies and their prices. Making a comparison of the costs will be helpful in saving a lot of money.

Tips for Saving Money on Car Rentals

Here are a few vital tips that will help in saving money on car rentals:


Book in advance

Always try to book car rentals in advance to avoid peak time or festive season charges. Make bookings as early as you can otherwise you might have to pay extra during peak time. As soon as you’ve made your plan, book the car according to your schedule.

Use membership rewards or discounts

The best way of saving money on car rentals is to use membership rewards. If any car rental company’s website is offering any first-time user discount then grab the deal to save money. Also, different car rental companies give membership rewards to loyal customers.

Consider alternative pick-up and drop-off locations

Choosing a pick-off or drop-off location from the too-high-traffic or too-low-traffic area will cost you a bit higher. So, in that case, consider choosing an alternative location where you don’t have to pay extra. Airports are one such location where you might have to pay extra for car rentals. It would be better to avoid such places for pick-off or drop-off.

Avoid additional fees

If possible then ask for toll taxes and other additional charges such as insurance in advance. Also, be careful of the late delivery charges. Sometimes, you might get charged extra costs if you’re delivering the rental car late.


The rental cost of the car varies because of car type, location, and peak time. The costs of car rentals also get impacted due to additional charges. However, various simple ways can help you to lower your rentals costs like making an early booking, skipping additional charges, and making comparisons from different car rental companies. People asking How Much To Rent A Car For A Day Enterprise must do early bookings to avoid paying extra.

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