“How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent A Car In Washington” [Updated]


March 17, 2023

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent A Car In Washington

It’s very much important to know the age requirements if you are planning to rent a car in Washington. As Washington is a great state to visit. Here, you can see and do lots of things.

In this blog, you will get answers to “How old do you have to be to rent a car in Washington”. For renting a car, different car rental companies have different age requirements.

But, if you are planning to rent a car in Washington then you must be at least 21 years old. Besides, here you will get the top 10 tips that help you for renting cars in Washington. Thus, without wasting time, let’s get started:

1.  Check the minimum age requirements of the rental company:

Very first, you need to check the minimum age requirements of the rental company. This is because for renting a car in Washington different car rental companies may have different age requirements. This you can do by visiting their website or contacting them directly to confirm their policies.

2.  Know the state laws:

The legal driving age is 16 in Washington. However, due to Rental Company requirements and insurance policies, to rent a car the minimum age may be higher. So, to avoid any confusion, it is important to know the state laws.

3.  Check an additional fee for drivers under 25:

Most rental car companies charge an extra fee for drivers who are under the age of 25. So, before renting a car you must check with the rental company to see if this is the case. An additional daily surcharge may be asked from you to pay if the driver is under 25.

4.  Verify the driver’s license requirements:

Before renting a car, car rental companies ask you to bring a valid driver’s license. This is used to verify your identity. As it is required for a certain period of time. So, to confirm their requirements you must check with the rental company.

5.  Consider the type of vehicle:

For different types of vehicles, different car rental companies may have different age requirements including high-performance or luxury cars. So, while choosing your rental vehicle you must keep this in mind. You must decide for yourself and tell the rental company about the type of vehicle you need.


6.  Look for discounts:

For college students or young drivers, some car rental companies may offer discounts. So, before booking your rentals you must check for any available discounts. If found then you can apply it at the time of booking so you can receive discounts on rental costs.

7.  Check if a co-signer is required:

In some cases, under a certain age, car rental companies may require a co-signer for drivers. If this is a requirement then you must check with the rental company. If required then you must bring someone with you who is willing to co-sign. Once you rent a car they will take your guarantees.

8.  Consider insurance requirements:

Additional insurance is required for drivers who are under a specific age by car rental companies. So, check the rental company about their insurance requirements. In case, if you don’t have insurance then purchase it from the rental company.

9.  Read the rental agreement carefully:

Before making a deal with the rental company, you must read the rental agreement carefully. This you can do to understand their terms and conditions. Rental agreements include additional fees and any age requirements. You can also take a review from other people whom you know well.

10. Plan ahead:

For car rental, if you are under the age requirement then plan ahead or check other transportation options. You can find the best rental company that accepts younger drivers. This helps you to save time and you can enjoy your trip hassle-free. Thus, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and make a booking for your rental car.


It is important to know “How old do you have to be to rent a car in Washington”. This you can do before planning your trip. Knowing the minimum age to rent a car in Washington is an important step. After following these 10 steps, you’ll able to rent a car confidently and can enjoy your trip to Washington.



What do I need to rent a car in Washington State?

To book a car in Washington State, you must be at least 21 years old.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Washington with Hertz?

You must be 20 years old to rent a car in Washington with Hertz.

What age can you get a rental car in Washington?

To rent a vehicle, the minimum age is 21 years old. Note: different rental companies have different age requirements for renting a car.

Can I rent a car in Oregon under 25?

Yes, in Oregon you can rent a car under 25. This is because the minimum age for renting a car is 21 years in Oregon.

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