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June 5, 2023

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Manual Transmission Car Rental

Automatic cars and all are alright! But nothing can beat a manually driven car. But, nowadays, finding a manual transmission car rental is impossible, let alone buying one. Or is it too difficult to rent a manual car?

Turns out it’s not! There’re various car rental companies that keep manual cars. They’re- Turo, Thrifty, Budget…You know what? I’ll list all the names and details for you.

6 Manual Transmission Car Rental Companies

Most car rental companies in the USA now don’t keep manual cars. That’s because one needs top-notch driving skills to drive a manual transmission car.

That said, car rental companies understand that drivers also have their preferences. So, they keep all kinds of cars, and manually driven cars are one of them.

So, here are all the car rentals that keep manual cars.

1.   Alamo Car Rental Company

Manual Cars That are Available:

You’ll find performance, sports, and luxury manual cars in Alamo.

Permitted Age to Drive Manual Cars:

Drivers have to be 25 to rent a car from Alamo. However, if you’re above 21 years old, you can rent a manual car by paying an additional surcharge.

That said, some cars are not for drivers aged 21, and you must be 25 to rent them. So, it’s better to contact Alamo and learn the Terms and Conditions before renting a car.

Requesting Additional Drivers:

If you qualify for all the requirements as a primary driver, you can rent an additional driver. However, you must pay $15 per day to hire an additional driver. But you can hire a driver for $5 if you’re from New York.

2.   Turo Car Rental

Manual Cars That are Available:

As Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental service, it depends on the car owners in your area. You can filter your needs and search for the car of your choice.

Permitted Age to Drive Manual Cars:

If your age is under 30, you cannot rent cars worth $95,000 or more. Moreover, Turo won’t let you avail of any specialty vehicle if you’re under 30.

Requesting Additional Drivers:

You can add additional drivers, but remember that Turo must verify all eight drivers. Moreover, if you’re the primary driver, it’s you who must pick up the car from the owner and return it.

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3.   Budget Car Rental

Manual Cars That are Available:

The type of manual car will vary from one location to another. Put your location on their application to check what kinds of manual cars Budget offers in your region.

Permitted Age to Drive Manual Cars:

If you’re from another state, you must be 21, and 18 if you’re from New York and Michigan. Moreover, drivers below 25 must pay $27 per day as a surcharge.

Requesting Additional Drivers:

You can request an additional driver, but they must be 25 and above. Moreover, you’ve to pay an additional $13 for an additional driver. Or, you can pay a total amount of $65 for the whole rental period.

Please Note:

Fees for additional drivers vary from one state to another. So, you should contact your region’s Budget office before adding an extra driver.

4.   Payless Rental Company

Cars That are Available:

The type of manual car will vary from one location to another. You can filter your choices and find what Payless offers in your current location.

Permitted Age to Drive Manual Cars:

You must be 21 to rent a manual car from Payless. However, if you’re below 25, you need to pay an additional $25 fee per day.

Requesting Additional Drivers:

Payless lets you keep an additional driver as long as they meet the age criteria mentioned above. Moreover, they must share the additional driver’s license, their credit details, and a $13 fee daily.

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5.   Rent-A-Wreck Car Company

Cars That are Available:

As Rent-A-Wreck rents used cars, there is a high chance they’ll have a wide range of manual cars. Still, it’s safer to say their availability of cars depends on your location.

Permitted Age to Drive Manual Cars:

The minimum age for driving Rent-A-Wreck cars without any charge is 25. However, if you’re from 19 to 21, you can pay an additional $25 per day to drive your car. And if you’re from 22 to 24, you need to pay $20 per day.

Requesting Additional Drivers:

By paying an additional fee, you can keep an additional driver. You can contact the Rent-A-Wreck office in your region to know more about the pricing.

6.   Thrifty Car Rental Company

Cars That are Available:

If you’re from larger cities, you’ll have more options to choose from a wider range of manual cars listed by Thrifty.

Permitted Age to Drive Manual Cars:

One must be 20 years of age to rent a manual from Thrifty. However, you need to pay an “underage” fee to Thrifty if you’re from 20 to 24.

Please Note:

The underage fees vary from one state to another. Hence, contacting your local Thrifty Office for more details is best.

Requesting Additional Drivers:

You can keep an additional driver if they meet Thrifty’s “minimum age for driving” criteria. Also, please ensure your co-driver has a license and a working debit or credit card.

Moreover, they must pay an additional fee depending on the location. And if the additional driver is 21 to 24, they must pay a surcharge like the primary driver.

What Do We Recommend?

Although all these manual transmission car rental companies are reliable, we recommend hiring cars from Rent-A-Wreck. Yes, I know Rent-A-Wreck offers used cars.

And that’s why they’ve more manual car options than automatic ones. However, it’s just a recommendation, and you’re free to choose your preferred company to hire a manually driven car.

Concluding Thoughts

You can find manually driven cars in a lot of car rental companies. However, before you pin on your preferred manual transmission car rental service, do some background research.

It’ll help you choose the best car rental service for yourself. That said, enjoy your ride and have a great time.


May I Know More About the Companies That Don’t Offer Manually Driven Cars?

There Are umpteen rental companies that don’t offer manual cars. They’re:

  • Avis Car Rental Company
  • Dollar Rental Company
  • Hertz Rental Service
  • Enterprise Car Rental Services
  • Fox Car Rental Company
  • Sixt Car Rental Company
  • National Car Rental Company
  • Zipcar Rental Services

Is Renting A Manual Car Cheaper Than an Automatic Car?

Renting a manual car is cheaper than an automatic vehicle. That’s because manual cars are old technology. Hence their manufacturing costs less. However, automatic cars are new tech and cost a lot. Hence, an automatic car’s overall price is higher than a manual car. Hence, car rental companies spend less on buying and maintaining a manual car. And therefore, the rent of a manual car is cheaper.

Are Manual Cars Safer Than Automatic Cars?

Yes, Manual cars are safer compared to automatic cars. That’s because a traditional car is better at transforming power from the engine to your wheels. Moreover, it’s cheaper to maintain, and you don’t get distracted while using such cars. As you’ve to concentrate on the wheels while driving the car, there’s a lesser chance of an accident.

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