9 Best Websites For Cheap Car Rentals 2023


June 29, 2023

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best websites for cheap car rentals

A long weekend calls for a short trip to the beach town nearby. But you don’t have a car. Alright, maybe that’s why you’re looking at the best websites for cheap car rentals.

If rental cars are what you want, maybe I can help you. I have an exclusive list of car rental websites for an extremely affordable price.

And not just that, I will also give an insight into the pros and cons of each of these websites. This will help you make a better decision while selecting the rental website.

So I see no point in dilly-dallying anymore. Let’s go check out some cool car rental websites.

9 Best Websites For Cheap Car Rentals Or OTAs

Maintaining one’s own car is getting increasingly expensive nowadays. And, even if people own a car, they don’t prefer taking them outside the city limits. Thus, renting a car seems the best option for them.

However, renting a car without knowing the company’s pricing, rules and other offerings is also foolish.

Hence, renters come here to gain deep knowledge about the top car rentals with the cheapest price and other exclusive offers.

Now, without any more chit-chatting, I’ll go ahead and list out the best car rental websites for you.

1.   Expedia Car Rentals

Overview: Expedia has been in the market since 2001 (21 years in the business) and is a popular site for renting cars. And apart from renting cars, you can also book flights, hotels, and cruises on Expedia.

Expedia provides ample filtering options and deals which makes your car renting an easy process.

Price: If you rent a car from Expedia for 3 days, they’ll charge $85 from you. And if you rent their car for a week, they’ll charge you $401.81.


  1. You’ll get top-notch rewards from the website.
  2. They’ll offer you ample filtering options, making car booking a seamless process for you.
  3. If you book a travel package, i.e., flights, hotels, rental cars, you’ll get additional offers.


  1. You must pay the entire money in advance if you want to avail of their discounts.

2.   Turo Car Rental Services

Overview: Turo is a great car rental website/application; except, here you rent cars from actual car owners like Airbnb. Like Expedia, Turo too has a lot of filtering options that will help you select your preferred car.

Moreover, with Turo, you can cancel even 24 hours before your trip starts.

Price: Turo provides the total amount to the renter right before their checkout. However, their cheapest car comes at $104 for 3 days.


  1. While other car rental websites and agencies offer cars to drivers over 25 years of age, with Turo you just have to be 21 years.
  2. You will receive more extended discounts, which other websites might not offer you.
  3. Has a wide range of vehicles for rent.


  1. You have to pick up and drop off the car according to the owner’s wish, which might not be flexible for you always.
  2. Someone else will be renting out their car to you. Thus, you must be extra careful while driving it.

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3.   Orbitz Car Services

Overview: Orbitz as many might not know is a subsidiary of Expedia group and has been in the industry since 2001. Therefore, you can expect various filtering options and offers while renting a car.

Moreover, you’ll find great deals and a few of the lowest prices in the market. So, go through all of their options to find the best car fit for your needs.

Price: You can book their car for $135.80 for 3 days and $401.81 for a 7 days trip.


  1. Cool rewards programs that let you book flights and hotels at a much lesser price.
  2. Ample filtering options are available while booking a car, just like Expedia. And you’ll also receive insider pricing while renting a car.


  1. The rewards programs are not applicable while booking or renting a car.
  2. You will need an account to rent a car, which might waste a lot of time during the times of an emergency.

4.   Momondo Car Rentals

Overview: Momondo is not exactly a car rental company. It’s more of a car searching engine like a Kayak. Therefore, with Momondo you can compare prices of various car rental agencies and select your preferred car.

Moreover, Momondo will also help you find the best prices, discounts, and various offers on various rental cars.

Price: You can book a car for $120.93 for a 3 days trip and $428.82 for a week-long trip.


  1. You’ll find heaps of rental cars on this search engine with the best offers and lowest prices.


  1. There isn’t any loyalty program available.
  2. Will often present car options from fishy or fraudulent car rental companies.

5.   Priceline Car Rental Website

Overview: Priceline Car Rental will bring you several deals for one car from which you can choose your preferred car. All you have to do is unlock those deals and avail them for your next trip.

Like Momondo, Priceline too is a search engine for cars. So, it’ll show you options for various car agencies and their prices.

Price: You can book your car for $137.64 for a 3 days trip and $421.92 for a week-long trip.


  1. You will receive great deals and offers on various cars through express and opaque deals.
  2. You can be a member of Priceline VIP, which will offer you better deals.


  1. With the supplier’s choice option, you can choose your agency but not the car. Therefore, there’s a 50-50 chance of not liking your rented car.

6.   Travelocity Powered By Expedia


Travelocity has been in business since January 1996 (27 years). And just Like Orbitz, Travelocity too, is owned by Expedia Group. Therefore, you can enjoy filtering services and express deals on Travelocity as well.

Moreover, Travelocity is clear about its rules and policies. Therefore, before you select your car, you’ll know which one has free cancellation, and which doesn’t.

Price: You can book a Travelocity car for as low as $85.80 for 3 days, and $401.81 for a weeklong trip.


  1. You’ll get great deals on cars and a wide range of filtering options.
  2. Policies and cancellation rules are all visible, so no hidden charges.


  1. You won’t receive any Loyalty program from the company.

7.   Rentalcars.com Car Rental Website

Overview: Rentalcars.com is owned by the same owner who owns Priceline, and Kayak. Hence, you can understand the vivid range of rental car options this search engine must have.

Moreover, Rentalcars.com has easy-to-read policies and search results. Therefore, you can quickly understand which car will offer you free cancellation, and which car company wouldn’t.

Price: You can book a car for $137.64 for a 3 days trip, and $467.82 for a weeklong trip.


  1. There are no hidden charges while you book a car.
  2. Easy-to-read and understand policies.


  1. You won’t receive any loyalty programs from this website as well.

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8.   Skyscanner Car Rental Website


Skyscanner is also a car rental search engine and is quite good at its service. Hence, people often call it one of the best websites for cheap car rentals.

Skyscanner offers a great deal on car booking and ensures you rent a car at the cheapest price possible.

Price: Skyscanner will charge you $154.05 for a 3 days trip, and $323.53 for a weeklong trip.


  1. You will receive a lot of options and offers while booking a car through Skyscanner.


  1. Skyscanner will not offer any loyalty programs to you.

9.   Costco Travel Online Car Rentals

Overview: Costco Travel is known for its best deals whether it’s rented cars or day-to-day materials. Moreover, with Costco Travel, you will find the best deals on the best car rental companies.

Costco’s pricing and policies are transparent. Therefore, there are no hidden charges.

Price: You can rent a car from Costco Travel for $199.13 for a 3 days trip, and $504.81 for a weeklong trip.


  1. A clear car listing chart makes it easier for you to select your preferred cars from known brands.
  2. You’ll receive 2% cashback if you’re their executive member.


  1. Costco Travel has limited options for listing.
  2. To use Costco Travel, you have to be a Costco member.

Parting Thoughts

There isn’t one but several good car rental websites to choose from. So all of these websites are the best websites for cheap car rentals.

Now, it’s your call to which car rental website you want to go with and book for your next trip. Whichever it might be, I’m sure you have a great choice, because all of these websites are top-notch.


Can You Tell Me the Best Website to Book a Car Online?

All of the websites listed above are great for booking a car online and I know you’re having a hard time choosing between them. Therefore, you can choose any website for booking a rental car. I can promise, you won’t regret taking the decision.

Is Epxedia a Good Car Rental Website?

Expedia is a great car rental website with lots of offers and discounts. Moreover, Expedia has no prevalent cons as you can see above that will make you rethink your choice. So, if you’ve pinned it on Expedia, I will give my thumbs up and ask you to book the car.

Is it Better to Book Online or At The Airport?

It’s better to book a car online than at the airport. That’s because firstly, everything, including car rental services at the airport is expensive without any limit. Secondly, online booking websites offer fantastic deals, discounts, and offers while you rent a car from them. Hence, it’s better to book a car online.

Do I Need to Pay for Car Rental Insurance?

Whatever might it be, it’s best to pay for car rental insurance. That’s because, if anything happens to the car, you’ll be responsible and have to pay for the entire damage. Hence, it’s better to buy the insurance the rental company offers you.

Happy Journey!!!

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