Get the Best Price With AAA Car Rental Discounts at Enterprise


June 7, 2023

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AAA Car Rental Discounts at Enterprise

Those who desire to rent a car and are a member of the AAA, or American Automobile Association, can access a variety of money-saving benefits. AAA car rental discounts at Enterprise offer many discounts and benefits to people. You can get its partners like Hertz to get discounts on your car rental inside the US. Similar offers also apply for car rentals through Thrifty and Dollar.

However, the sister companies of Enterprise-Rent-A-Car don’t partner with AAA to give renters special discounts. Finding an inexpensive rental car has become difficult. But Enterprise-Rent-A-Car offers various discounts to help people.

Read on to know more about them.

Get the Perfect Deal on Your Enterprise Reservation

There are various options for those who love Enterprise. If you wish to rent or hire a car here, you can avail of discounts along with other exciting savings options.

1.   Coupons and deals from Enterprise

There isn’t any AAA discount offered as of now. However, that does not indicate that people need to pay the full amount for renting the car. There are various Enterprise AAA discount codes that you can take advantage of.

Some of these include the following:

  • Promotional codes – These coupons subtract a definite amount of the base rate when you have spent a specific amount.
  • Length-based discounts – These are applicable for car rentals for a specific number of days.
  • Upgrade offers – You can get a free upgrade to a better car category. Upgrade offers are sometimes mixed with other offers.
  • Pay now discounts – These coupons are applicable for those reservations for which you pay beforehand. But with them, you should avoid modifying your reservation in any way.
  • Members-only discounts – This type of Enterprise AAA discount is applicable to people of various organizations and those of airline-frequent-flyer programs. For instance, drivers who are a member of Costco or AARP can seek this discount.
  • Corporate account numbers – Enterprise also provides many organizations with deals. Through them, the companies can give their staff a special rate for renting a car.

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2.   Save on Enterprise car rentals with USAA and CAA

Presently, you cannot find AAA car rental discounts at Enterprise. But it doesn’t imply that rental car owners will not find any good deals. Enterprise partners with the United States Automobile Association or the USAA and the Canadian Automobile Association or the CAA.

This partnership allows it to offer minimized prices on car rentals. So, if you have a membership of any of these organizations, you can utilize various ways to save on Enterprise car rentals.


There are many USAA car rental discounts that members can avail of. You will get the finest rates for the rental and various additional member benefits on it in the United States. Some of the key discounts and savings you can get include the following:

  1. You will find discounts at base prices of 5%.
  2. Drivers who are in the age slot of 21 to 24 are eligible for waived underage fees.
  3. The waiver of an underage driver fee is restricted to USAA insurance-eligible members. You will be required to put forward proof of your USAA insurance or military ID in order to get a waived underage driver fee.
  4. If you incur a bodily injury, there’s a liability protection of $25000. For bodily injury, the protection is worth $50000. If there’s property damage without a damage waiver, the protection is $10000.
  5. Most rentals enjoy unlimited mileage.
  6. If the car damage amount to $7500, there will be limited responsibility for them.

POINT TO NOTE: The program benefits are applicable at select participating locations in America. It does not imply rentals that are not inside the US.


CAA members can easily discover a car rental that fits well with their travel plans. This is because it has locations throughout South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Enterprise partners with CAA, which is a federation of eight clubs and you gain various discounts and benefits being its members. The benefits include the following:

  1. You will get discounts on base prices internationally.
  2. There are two additional drivers, completely free.
  3. Discounts are provided on GPS systems.
  4. A free child is another perk for CAA members.

There are additional benefits for members in Canada and the US. These include the following:

  1. 10% off on all options for prepaid fuel. You can get CAA dollars on a large or a full-size vehicle.
  2. Those with a CAA membership also get benefits on hotel stays and vacation packages.


Costco is another travel partner of Enterprise. If you or your friend is a member of Costco, you can get benefits on Enterprise rentals. There is also a definite possibility of getting free upgrades. The major benefits are as follows:

  1. Costco members will get exclusive discounts and coupons.
  2. For those residing in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and France, an additional driver charge or fee is not applicable.

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Other Partners of AAA

AAA partners with various other companies to provide exciting deals on car rental prices. Here are its rental partners:

  • Hertz – There are various Hertz discounts applicable for an AAA member. You can get discounts going up to 20% from the base price of all rentals. There is no fee for one infant or a child. For AAA members, loss of use expenditure is waived.
  • Dollar – AAA members at Dollar can seek various special benefits and rates. They get a discount of up to 10% of the base price of every rental. There isn’t any fee for a single child or infant. It also offers free unlimited mileage on a majority of its rentals.
  • Thrifty – AAA members at Thrifty get an 8% discount on the base price of all rentals. No fee for a single child and unlimited mileage are the other two benefits.

Summing up

AAA offers exciting discounts to members of its rental partners. You can significantly reduce the rental car price by availing yourself of the right discounts. But be sure to understand the full terms of the discount before choosing one.

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