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August 3, 2023

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Best Car Rental Company

So, where to this weekend- Niagara or Disneyland? Or maybe you are planning to go on a road trip with your partner and friends. Whatever your plan is, you need a car to travel, and taking your car isn’t such a good idea. Therefore, you need to learn about the best car rental company in town.

And believe me when I say you’re not alone in this search. Almost half of the USA spends at least an hour searching for a good car rental company every Friday.

Therefore, It’s time to present the creme-de-la-creme of the car rental industry and help you with all their vital details.

Know the Rulers

Hertz, Alamo, Avis, and National are the top 4 players in the industry, minting over $ 2 billion in revenue each last year. Hence, if comfort and safety are your utmost priority, select anyone from these 4 companies.] 

Best Car Rental Company (The Top 4 Companies)

In the USA, umpteen car rental companies have mushroomed over the years. And while some are great, others tend to come out worse than your dreams.

Hence, you must conduct in-depth research and find out the best option for you.

But while it’s your duty to select what’s best for you, we can help you as much as possible. Thus, here we present the top 4 car rental companies that have brought a storm in the car rental industry.

1.   Hertz- That Remains in Everyone’s Heart

  • Overview of the company:

The reason why Hertz remains at the top of this list is because they care for customers. Hertz is located in 2,873 places throughout the United States, with daily rent less than many other car rental companies.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t get any good cars with them—Hertz stations vehicles like Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. But to rent a Hertz car, you must be 20 years old.

  • Features to Die for:

Rent starts from $78 per day.

Unlimited mileage for renters.

Hertz has 1600 airport locations throughout the States.

  • Reasons to Love This Company:

Hertz tops the list of car rental companies by having the most presence among the renter’s community.

  • Some Good…And Some Bad:

Some good: Ample loyalty programs for regular customers; a wide range of luxury cars; located in most airport locations; heavy discounts for AAA drivers.

Some bad: Stolen cars found in Hertz’s car fleets.

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2.   Alamo- The Symbol of Strength of the Car Rental Industry Is Here

  • Overview of the company:

Alamo does justice to its namesake and remains one of the best car rental agencies in the nation. The company offers free mileage to every driver. And if you have a co-driver along, it strikes off the additional-driver fee.

Moreover, Costco members also receive heavy discounts and benefits while renting an Alamo car. Plus, you’ll get a top-notch AAA discount if you’ve served in the army or are still serving.

  • Features to Die for:

Alamo Cars’ basic per-day rate is $25.

You’ll get unlimited daily mileage.

Located in more than 1,100 locations throughout the States.

  • Reasons to Love This Company:

Alamo is a home of offers. That’s one of the biggest reasons to love this company. You get unlimited mileage and can tag a free driver if you meet Alamo’s criteria.

  • Some Good…And Some Bad:

Some good: Available throughout the USA; great pricing strategies; heavy discounts for car renters.

Some Bad: Car fleet not big enough to serve a large number of customers.

3.   Avis- The Car Rental Industry’s Avi is Here

  • Overview of the company:

This one acts a little pricey. After all, it’s the face of the industry, so it must act all precious. However, you can easily waive the high rent if you avail of Avis’s discounts and other rebates.

And if you’re or have been involved with the US Army, you’ll receive a flat 25% discount from its original rent. Moreover, if you’re an AAA member, you’ll receive 30% off of the base price.

You don’t have to worry about toll tickets if you’re from Northeast America, Oklahoma, Chicago, Texas, Florida, Washington, or Colorado. Avis will already pay for the tickets.

  • Features to Die for:

Their rent starts at $60 to $70 per day, but you will receive heavy discounts.

You’ll get an unlimited mileage limit

Available in more than 1,591 Airport locations in the USA.

  • Reasons to Love This Company:

Avis has great discount and cash rebate programs that will help you save a lot while renting their cars. Moreover, the company has excellent reward programs for AAA customers.

  • Some Good…And Some Bad:

Some good: Good for small business owners; fantastic discount offers; easy and light on the long-term rent; a hassle-free way of picking up and dropping.

Some bad: Basic charges are highly expensive and can cost you a lot unless you’re aware of their discount programs.

4.   National- Can We Call It Our National Pride Already?

  • Overview of the company:

National car hire agency is one of the most user-friendly companies in the USA market. While multiple other car renting agencies will charge you for keeping an additional driver, or a different drop location, National doesn’t.

Moreover, when you rent a National car, you get freebies like GPS devices, Ski racks, car seats, and many more. If you’re National’s Emerald Club member, you’ll earn points every time you rent a car and redeem it later by getting an entire session of rides for free.

  • Features to Die for:

You can rent a car for $72 to $84 per day. And if you avail of their discounts, your rent will go down.

Unlimited mileage is available every day.

More than 311 Airport locations are available for renters.

  • Reasons to Love This Company:

National will not charge drivers for an add-on driver and a different car dropping location. And it also offers freebies every time you rent their car.

Some Good…And Some Bad:

Some good: A vast and exclusive range of cars; great discounts and promo deals; fantastic loyalty programs; cordial customer service.

Some bad: National car rental agency is expensive; will charge you a cancellation fee, even before 24 hours.

Parting Thoughts

We churned out the top 4 car rental companies for your needs there. Now it’s your job to choose the best car rental company and do everything necessary to keep you and your pocket safe on the road.

You can do it! I wish you a great weekend. 🙂

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Is Enterprise a Good Company for Renting a Car?

Enterprise comes right after these 4 companies, hence you can understand its quality and protection services. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to renting your car from this company, we have only two words for you- GREAT CHOICE.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Rent a Car in the USA?

A rented car can cost you from $110 to $238 daily. Yes, renting a car can be expensive in the USA. However, if you rent it through your credit card, you might get additional rebates and cashback.

Will My Insurance Also be Covered With the Rent?

If you opt for insurance, it will be added to your basic rent. However, if you’re renting a car through your credit card, you might already have insurance added to the card. Moreover, some card companies will offer you full coverage without any deductible in case of an accident.

Is There a Way to Add a Co-driver While I Rent a Car?

Yes, adding a co-driver is possible while renting a car. You will find this option while filling up your rent form and agreement. Therefore, if you choose, you can add a co-driver along with you. But, do remember you would need to pay extra for adding a co-driver.

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