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Car Rental Augusta, GA, has various options for a business trip, vacation, or temporary transportation rental. Enter your pickup location, time, and date to find a car rental near you.

Augusta is the second oldest and largest city in Georgia. You can explore the city’s top attractions, shopping, and restaurants here. You can also enjoy the Augusta Riverwalk and all the exciting downtown this state offers.

Hence, plan your trip to Augusta, GA, as it offers various events. This blog will help you find the correct rental car for your needs and budget.

Price trends for different rental car types in Augusta

If you want to book a small rental car in Augusta, it may cost you around $69/day. The cheapest car rental month is January, which costs you around $53/day.

You must not hire a car in November because it is the most expensive month; for small rentals, the starting price is $87 a day. To book small car rentals in Augusta, January is around 24% lower.

Small rental cars can be 32% cheaper than other car types. Remember that the rental cost is flexible as it depends on availability, popularity, and how early you make the booking.

Hertz Car Rental in Augusta

If you want to experience the state’s rich history and culture, rent a car in Augusta, Georgia. This city is well-known for organizing the Masters Golf Tournament each April.

We offer various Hertz car rental pickup locations, including Augusta Regional Airport. Thus, choose the perfect vehicle for your Augusta tour.

Convertibles are smooth for a grand romantic journey, while SUVs have enough space for family vacations.

Augusta shares the Savannah River with South Carolina. To reach downtown Augusta, Atlanta takes two hours. Hence, you must follow the state line to visit the beach of sultry Savannah.

Car Rental Options:

Augusta has partnered with many rental companies, including Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, and Budget. These companies offer various types of vehicles depending on your needs and budget.

Hence, it would help if you chose from compact cars, spacious SUVs, or even luxury rides. To find the best deal, you must compare prices and policies online.

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How to book a rental car?

Renting a car from rental companies is easy. It could be done online or by visiting a rental office. While renting, keep some essential documents with you, like proof of insurance, a driver’s license, or a credit card. Age limit is also applicable, and before proceeding, you must check.

Budget-Friendly Tips:

To save money on your rental, you must look for discount codes, loyalty programs and seasonal promotions. It would help if you also determined alternate transportation options, such as bikes or buses for short trips.

Is it worthwhile renting a car while visiting Augusta?

You must rent a car while visiting Augusta because it is a walkable city. You can also go to nearby towns, such as Atlanta, as reaching the destination takes an hour.

Here, you’ll see various exciting attractions like the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Georgia Aquarium.

You also need to be reassured about parking because there are many street parking spaces in Augusta. You can park your rental cars at garages at an affordable cost.

What kind of driver’s license do you need to rent a car in Augusta? 

You must show a valid driver’s license to use Augusta rental cars. It was issued by the state departments of motor vehicles in Canada or the US.

Your license still works if issued outside the US and Canada, but you must show your passport along with the license.

An international driver’s permit will be needed if the license is not written in the Roman alphabet.

Tips for renting a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Augusta

  1. Premium car rentals from Enterprise in Augusta are 50% cheaper than other rental companies.
  2. Augusta offers many vehicle options. You must book a convertible to experience Augusta’s pleasant weather and scenic views.
  3. Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers various benefits for booking an Enterprise rental car in Augusta, Georgia.
  4. 25% of users found car rentals from Enterprise in Augusta for $55.
  5. Book your rental car for at least one day before your trip to get a below-average price.
  6. Add links to rental car company websites and tourist information pages.
  7. If available, go through the eco-friendly transportation options.
  8. During your visit, mention special events for targeted recommendations.

Let’s Conclude All!

Are you wondering about Car Rental in Augusta, GA? If yes, go through this blog, as a rental car in Augusta is required because it is a walkable city. The price of a rental car is around $69/day. Going through this blog lets you enjoy your trip and adventure hassle-free.

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Q. How much does it cost to rent a car in Augusta, Georgia?

To rent a car in Augusta, Georgia, the rental prices are mentioned in the following table:












Q. Is it worth renting a car in Georgia?

Yes, renting a car in Georgia is worth it because you cannot see anything without it. You also need to pay money for taxi fares.

Q. What is Augusta, Georgia, known for?

Augusta, Georgia, is known for the Masters Golf Tournament. This tournament was held in April’s first week. It is also a hub for the military, manufacturing, and medicine.

Q. Is Augusta, GA, an excellent place to live?

Yes, Augusta, GA, is an excellent place to live because of its charm. Everyone will love this city, from its history and culture to the incredible food scene and diverse neighborhoods.

Q. Is Augusta expensive to live in?

Living in Augusta is affordable, 30% cheaper than living in the US. The average cost of living is $1875. Regarding basic requirements like groceries, food, and clothing, the price is 7% less in Augusta than in other countries.

Q. Is Augusta cheap to live in?

Yes, living in Augusta is cheap, as living costs are 15% lower than the national average and 6% lower than the state average. Augusta is 30% cheaper than the US, while utilities are 12% less.

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