Know How To Rent A Car Without A Credit Card: Can Debit Card Be Used?


March 4, 2023

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How To Rent A Car Without A Credit Card

Generally, the car renting process happens with a credit card and users are known for this method of payment as well. But, what if you don’t have a credit card and find out how to rent a car without a credit card? Worry not! In such as scenario, we guide you about other available options for you to easily rent a car.

If there is no credit card, a customer may use his debit card or cash instead. Although a credit card is widely used for renting purposes, debit cards or payment in cash can be chosen for renting a car.

Further in the blog, we have mentioned how renting a car without a credit card is possible. Check it out!

Top 10 methods to know how to rent a car without a credit card –

Here are 10 steps on how to rent a car without a credit card.

Starting with:

1. Research Rental Companies:

Being credit cards as the trending payment option, there is the first step to finding out car rental companies that accept other payment modes such as debit cards and cash payments. Finding such companies is always a better choice to save time and energy for renting a car. Once you find it, there is a clean way for you to rent a car using your debit card. You can pay in person on their spot easily. Some debit card acceptor companies are Budget, Enterprise, Avis, and Hertz.

2. Check Rental Requirements:

Also, when thinking to rent a car, it is always advised to talk with a car-rental Company to find out their other requirements while using another mode of payment. It happens that they are accepting other modes like a debit card or cash for confirming the order; however, demand some additional documents as per their policy. Thus, confirming it helps a lot.

3. Reserve a Car:

Once you are dictated well of their requirements, it is time to book your preferred car. Reserving a car will require you to follow a certain procedure. It could be from your comfort zone by the phone, or you can come to the car-rental spot to make it happen.

4. Bring Required Documents:

While coming for car picking, customer should carry their necessary documents. These include their driving license (DL), insurance, and other documents the company demanded for the non-credit card payment purpose. Carry all these to avoid last-time delay.

5. Provide a Deposit:

There might be some deposit requirement when you pay either debit or cash – basically not from a credit card. Hence, one should have a sufficient balance in their account.

6. Understand the Payment Process:

Since the payment method will be new, there has to be a different payment process. Unlike credit card payments, debit card or cash payments might require you to pay at the time of car rental. While there might be a hold on your account until you return the car.

7. Decline Additional Services:

One more thing that you should be noticing while renting a car is to avoid taking additional services. While renting a car, the company can offer you additional services such as GPS, insurance, and others. In case you need all these then only accept the service. Otherwise, don’t waste money unnecessarily.

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8. Inspect the Car:

Car inspection is a crucial activity that can help you save money which you would have paid off without even having your fault. Before taking your car, it is mandatory that you inspect it well and mention the damage in the rental agreement beforehand.

9. Return the Car on Time:

When it’s time to return the car, it must be on time as agreed upon. Submitting a car on time can help you save on extra charges. Also, it will help in building trust to rent cars in future scenarios. Therefore, always try to be specific with the timeline.

10. Receive a Refund:

If you don’t want to miss your refund, make sure you submit the car on time and with no damage other than what’s being written previously before taking the car. This is why the car rental service holds your money. It actually makes it easy for them to grip the customer if he’s found doing any harm to the car.

By following these steps, you can rent a car without a credit card and still enjoy the convenience and freedom of having your own transportation.


What car rental does not ask for a credit card?

When using a credit card for your car rental purpose, you don’t have to worry about a security deposit of any kind. This you will find in the case of debit cards or cash payments. Using payment methods other than credit cards asks for a security deposit.

Can I use my debit card as a credit card to rent a car?

Of course! However, debit card payments cannot be accepted at all car rental services. Thus, it is mandatory to confirm it by contacting a specific car rental service.

Do you really need a credit card to rent a car?

Not necessarily if the company you are taking the car for rent accepts other modes of payment such as debit card or cash. However, for a particular company, it might require you to have credit cards.

Which rental car companies allow you to use a debit card?

With different policies and requirements, almost all giant car rental service providers let you use a debit card as a mode of payment. Some of the companies that have acceptance of debit cards are Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz.

Additionally, we suggest you go through their deposit policy or any other one to avoid chaos at the moment.

Wrapping Up!

Previously, if ‘how to rent a car without a credit card?’ was your area of search, it ends here with this solution-oriented blog. It is very much possible to use a debit card, cash, or any other payment option other than credit cards to loan a car. However, a customer should make attempts to figure out a security deposit or documents asked by a few car rental companies. Go through the guide to uncover some phenomena!


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