How To Rent A Vintage Car For A Wedding: 10 Steps!


March 22, 2023

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Rent A Vintage Car For A Wedding

Make your wedding remembered with the royal entry in the vintage car! Does it seem like a fantasy? Well, it is, for most couples. But, the best part is – one can fulfill this fantasy by renting a vintage car; in case someone doesn’t have one. Similarly, to book a vintage car, you must pay attention to a few relevant jargon needed to apply for renting a car. This blog will talk much about How to Rent a Vintage Car for a Wedding? Let’s start it!

Marriage is considered one of the most beautiful periods of one’s life. That is the reason people want to make it special to be remembered by gestures, by involving a particular object, and by joining particular people. There are a lot of couples who dream of driving a vintage car to reach their destination on their marriage time. But, what if someone doesn’t possess one? Then there is the ‘renting vintage car’ option. Baffled, how? I will explain, don’t worry!

How and where you can get a vintage car for special occasions? Get all of the renting-a-vintage car info here.

To help you with it, I tried putting the information in steps so that you don’t waste much of your time.

How To Rent A Vintage Car For A Wedding: Steps!

Let’s start the vintage-car-renting process!

  1. Start your search early:

Start your search early! The reason is simple for this: A lot of couples, like you, have the same desire and want their wedding to be special. Due to this, there are chances that you miss out on booking your vintage car due to the shortage of it. A Vintage car is mostly taken in wedding seasons to have that gem of nostalgia and remembrance, of course. Therefore, be as quick as you can to book your car. Also, it is suggested to apply for your car before 6 months to have availability of it.

  1. Decide on the type of car you want:

The parallel thing here is – choosing the type of car: colors and style. Not just booking early, but booking the one which you want is important. You might be excited about a particular color for your car. However, who knows if it’s not available at the moment? Thus, keep everything settled before the time.

  1. Determine your budget:

One crucial thing that you should always be sure of is your budget, of course. I mean, what is the benefit of choosing the car if you can’t rent it? There are lots of things that may be responsible for your car budget. It is the location, the kind of car you want, and the time you want. Take all these points into consideration and set your budget accordingly.

  1. Research rental companies:

Renting could be nicer or worst depending upon the rental company you have chosen. There is a myriad of options for renting a car, but one should choose by checking all the aspects – reviews, testimonials, establishing the year and the journey so far, etc. All these collectively help you choose a reputable vintage car rental in your area.

  1. Contact the rental company:

If you have perfectly decided on a rental company (by checking in previous points), it’s time to contact the Rental Company. Call them or choose other options (if available) to confirm the availability and pricing of the car you want. Also, confirm other service charges and additional fees, if there are any.

  1. Schedule a viewing:

It is when you check the car in person. You go to the car rental space and check the car. It is an important activity for you to remain attentive for any future charges imposed by the Rental Company for the damage, or anything for that matter. Thus, checking the car beforehand is always a nice approach.


  1. Reserve the car:

This time, when you have checked availability and have reviewed it in person, you can now reserve the car (of your wish) by signing a rental agreement and paying the money in advance. Now, you can be free from the turbulence of availability on your special day.

  1. Confirm rental details:

This is an optional activity but at the same time is a needful one. In this, you need to confirm the details prior to the time you have set to rent a car. You confirm pickup and drop-off times with car rental providers which helps you be sure of your car at the moment.

  1. Prepare for the rental:

After everything has been confirmed, it is time to prepare the car for the moment (the special one). It includes decorating cars, taking cars from car stations, and driving to the venue. This should be done properly to have no issues at all. Better, assign this activity to someone trustworthy.

  1. Enjoy your ride!

Voila! You can now enjoy the ride in your dream car, on your special occasion. Enjoy the nostalgic impressions, and the beautiful time of your life in the car. Moreover, make the drive remembered by snapping a few memorable clicks.

Final Note!

Now, there is no search for ‘How to Rent a Vintage Car for a Wedding’ since we have provided a step-by-step process to do so. Renting a vintage car for a special occasion is now an easy task – follow the steps to avoid mistakes, of any kind.



What kind of car do you get for a wedding?

Actually, everything is on your budget. You will be able to manage things the way you want, in the case of a vintage car, if you have a sufficient budget for that. You can wish for any kind of design, decorations, time, etc, as per the money you are ready to invest. So, make your budget and decorate the moment accordingly!

Can you put old cars on Turo?

Yes, it is possible to put your own cars into Turo. However, there has to be an eligibility check since Turo is specific in this sense. Additionally, the car you want to put needs to be of 2006 model, and should meet the criteria: cleanliness, safety, reliability, etc. Contact Turo and get more details there.

How to start a cash car rental business?

Well, that could be a great business to lend cars. Initially, it requires you to have a license, of course, Systems of accepting payments, permits, a fleet of cars, etc. Additionally, there has to be market research to have the exact idea of your target audiences.

Can I rent a car for my husband?

Yes, for sure! You can easily rent a car for your husband by providing the required documents needed for the process to complete. The other requirements such as 21 years of age, Driving license, and credit cards have to be fulfilled for renting a car.

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