One Way Fee In Car Rental: Everything You Need To Know


June 1, 2023

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One Way Fee In Car Rental

This page provides information on “One Way Fee In Car Rental,” so you must read it continuously. However, a one-way car rental is the best option if you want to hire a car for a one-time trip.

Moreover, rental companies charge a fee if you pick up a car in one place and drop it off in another place. Thus, it can be a great option for those people who want to hire a vehicle for special purposes.

These options can be found in most major cities and towns all around the world. For further information regarding the one-way fee, keep reading the guide.

What is a one-way fee for a car rental?

A one-way fee for car rental is obtained when you drop off your car other than where you picked it up. Rental car companies charge a fee to cover the cost of taking the car back to its original place. Depending on the company, this fee can differ, but it can cost approximately $50.00.

Furthermore, this fee is charged between two rental locations in the same city. A one-way rental fee is charged if you plan a road trip and try to drop-off off your car at your final destination.

How to find the one-way fee? 

You must enter the pickup and drop-off location whenever you search for the rental car. After doing so, look for offers and discounts. If any offers are available, they will appear within the deals of one-way fees on the webpage.

Besides, you will get detailed information about one-way fees under the terms and conditions of your offer. Also, you will get information on your rental agreement.

When will you pay the fee? 

When you pick up your rental car, you’’ be asked to pay the one-way fee. The rental companies ask you to pay the fee using the credit card used for a security deposit.

Not all, but some companies will ask you to use another card to pay the fee. Besides, at the rental desk, you’ll pay for the one-way fee, not when you pay for your car. So, you must pay the one-way fee in a different currency, if you’re booking a car abroad.


How much is a one-way fee? 

The one-way fee depends on the distance, but also on pick-up and drop-off points. Below are some of the most popular one-way trips and the cost of their one-way fees:

Pick-up location   Drop-off location One-way fee  
Heathrow Airport Gatwick Airport Between £30 and £50
Porto Airport Lisbon Airport Between €60 and €90 although some companies like Sixt and Avis don’t charge one-way fees
San Francisco Airport Los Angeles Airport Between $150 and $300
Palermo Airport Catania Airport 73.00 – 128.00 EUR
Los Angeles Airport Las Vegas Airport Free

Why are one-way car rentals expensive? 

Generally, rental companies will charge more for one-way rentals. This is because the car is booked in a specific location. They might need their vehicle back to the original location. However, the price can be high if pickup and return locations are different from each other. The prices are set on supply and demand. Thus, the fee might be high when demand is less while renting a car.

How to get cheap one-way car rentals?

If you are searching for cheap one-way car rentals, you can do some possible things. First off, you must make a booking for your rental. Doing this helps you to compare rates from other companies. Before finding offers, enter the correct details.

In case, if you have not entered the correct pickup and drop-off location, you will see offers without one-way fees. Lastly, ensure that you have compared one-way fees between different rental companies. Each company has its different fees but some might offer one-way fees free of charge.


Is a one-way car rental charged if you drop off in the same city?

A one-way fee will not be applicable if you return the car to the exact location within the city. Thus, the rental companies charge a fee if you return the car to another location within the same town. Usually, if you drop off the car in another city the fee will be lower.

Tips to avoid one-way car rental fees

There are several ways that you can implement to avoid paying one-way rental car fees:

  1. Search for coupons and special discounts
  2. Use a booking site
  3. Rent a car during the off-season
  4. Drop-off at an airport
  5. Pay the entire balance in advance
  6. Become a driveway driver

The Final Verdict 

That’s all! The blog is all about One Way Fee In Car Rental. After going through the above information, you’ll know about the one-way fee. This fee is usually charged when you drop off the rental car at another place instead of picking it up. Besides, if you’re still having any issues related to this topic, write in the below-mentioned box.


What does a one-way rental fee mean? 

The one-way rental fee means what you pay to pick up in one place and drop it off in another place.

How to avoid one-way fee car rental? 

To prevent paying the one-way fee, you must return the car to the exact location within the city.

What is an example of a one-way rental? 

An example of a one-way rental is you pick up the car in one city and return it to another.

What is included in the rental fee? 

Electricity, heating, rental, etc are included in the rental fee.

What is Hertz one Way rental fee? 

Hertz charges the full amount of the rental while returning the vehicle.

What is the enterprise one-way rental fee? 

Enterprise charges $12 per day as a one-way rental fee.

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