Make Use of Costco Membership Card For Rental Car Discount


March 30, 2023

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Make Use of Costco Membership Card For Rental Car Discount

It is now easier to rent cars from different car-renting services available in the USA. But, renting a car from a legit source provides you comfort and security throughout your renting journey. Costco car rental is one such reliable car-rental service issuer that provides car service with its partnered members: Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Alamo. Additionally, Costco offers a discount on car rentals with its Costco membership card.

Taking discounts can be something you really want if you are a regular consumer of car-renting services. But is it possible? Well, it is possible with Costco’s membership Card. Costco allows applying for its membership which is $60 for a year. Also, unlike other car rentals that let you offer discounts after you age of 25, Costco doesn’t have anything like that.

Since you have an idea of Costco membership, you would want to know more – how to apply, where to apply, etc. No worries if that’s what you are looking for. Just keep reading!

Costco Membership Card: Applying Proces –

Applying for a Costco membership card requires you to visit the membership desk at its warehouses. Or, you can just sign up online from the official site at After you sign up, you will have choices of different kinds of membership cards that is ranging from Costco gasoline to Pharmacy.

Noteworthy: those who are executive members can get an annual reward of 2% for Costco travel purchases up to $1000.

Here are the places you can use your Costco membership card at:

  • Costco gasoline
  • Tire center
  • Grocery delivery
  • Costco services
  • Pharmacy

With the Costco membership card, one can avail decent discounts on the rental prices at any car rental service – discount is totally dependent on the car rental service you are using.


How to rent a car through Costco at a discounted price?

Below given is the method by which you can apply having the Costco membership card to snag discounts on your car booking. Understand how it’s done here:

Make sure you have a Costco membership:

Initially, you must have a Costco Membership Card before booking a car at any trustworthy car rental platform. To have a card, either choose Costco’s official site to sign up or visit warehouses. With the card, you can get up to 40% discounts, depending on the car rental and whether you are a new or old user of the service.

Visit the Costco Travel website:

In this step, you need to visit the Costco Travel website to have knowledge of pricing, and available discounts for particular car rental companies. Remember, Costco is not a car rental but a medium to help you with it. It is partnered with 4 major car rental service providers which you will be seeing on the website too.

Choose the location and dates for your rental:

Further, mention the details such as pickup and drop-off timings, locations, and the date on which you need the car. This information will help find you the availability of your desired car.

Select the type of car you want:

Next, choose from the various options displayed there. You can have different choices and the prices will fluctuate accordingly. Hence, choose the car which best suits your purpose; doing this can be a money-saving act, in case you are confused about choosing a car.

Review the available rental car companies:

Once car selection is completed, review the testimony, services history, and the best car rental service provider among the various options given. As informed, Costco only partnered with four recognized car rental services – Budget, Enterprise, Avis, and Alamo. Choose anyone to get the best deals.

Choose your rental car company:

Select the car rental with which you want to start your journey. Also, be sure of reading its terms & conditions to have an idea of its policies to avoid getting charged extra money.

Enter any additional information requested:

As there is a need of putting information related to you. So, include that in the required place. The details which are required are driver’s license number and other personal details.

Pay for your rental car:

Once everything is checked to your knowledge, it is time to pay. In order to pay for car rentals, it is generally required a credit card. However, in some cases, your debit card could be another mode of payment.

Pick up your rental car:

Eventually, you can now rent a car to visit the car rental company’s location to pick one. You must also be aware of the car picking process to avoid the last-time issue. Also, carry your driving license, credit card, and your Costco Membership Card. Carrying a Costco card can take you some discounts, for sure.


Final Say!

It’s not always that you have to pay the entire booking fee for car rental. Well, there could be options to save a few pennies. Want to know how? It’s possible through Costco Membership Card. Make use of cards with leading car rental services and get discounts.


Users’ mostly asked questions:

Does Costco get a discount on rental cars?

Yes, it does! With the help of a Costco membership car, one can avail of discounts of up to 40%. However, it totally depends on the car rental service you are using. If taking Costco’s partnered car renting such as Avis, Enterprise, Budget, and Alamo, you would have more chances to get higher discounts on the bookings.

Does Costco have the best car rental prices?

Arguably, Costco can provide the best car rental prices for the services. It is because of its membership card that can reduce the burden by discounting the bookings made with it.

What is the Costco BCD code for a budget?

W852802 is the BCD code for the budget. It can be a matter of money-saving if applied this code while renting a car.

Does Avis have a Costco discount?

Surely, it has! Avis is one of the partnered car rental services with Costco. And therefore, it naturally accepts Costco cards to discount the actual booking of your car. So, yes, take benefit of it now!

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