Best Road Trips from Texas to Take with Family and Friends

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October 17, 2023

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Road Trips from Texas

Texas is home to lush scenery and abundant wildlife. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore places outside it. Many people look for the best road trips from Texas to have an experience that they cannot find in Texas. Fortunately, there are plenty of places around this state. Some examples are Hill Country, New Orleans, San Antonio, and Fort Worth.

You can take short and long trips with your family from Texas and come back rejuvenated. In this article, we will explore some good trips. Keep this list handy so you don’t face a problem when deciding on a suitable place.

Best Road Trips from Texas to Other States

Many pretty areas lie around Texas. All of them have their own unique specialties that you will love to relish.


A trip from Texas to Louisiana is approximately 6 hours long. This entire route will give you much to explore. From national forests and reserves to a bevy of restaurants offering delicious Cajun cuisine; there’s something for everyone. Louisiana is certainly a unique place to visit. It has stunning architecture and scenic landscapes that’ll transport you to a completely different setting.


Georgia isn’t near to Texas, but the place is worth exploring. It will take you approximately 12 hours to visit it. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the scenic route. Explore East Texas forests and natural reserves. The trip will especially be memorable for history buffs as they get to explore places like the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Sites and the Civil Rights Memorial.

New Orleans

New Orleans comes on the list of long spring break road trips from Texas. This place will delight you with its unique culture and hospitality. Take a guided stroll on the St. Louis Cemetery to learn about its culture and history. Other places worth visiting are the Garden District & Uptown, the French Quarter, Saint Bar, and Bourbon Street.


Nevada lies in the western US and has many top sites to explore. A trip from Texas to Nevada takes 19 hours. So, it’s a long one that you must plan a week before. Nevada is 128 miles from San Antonio. Through this route from San Antonio, you will explore various national parks. While in Nevada, the top sites include the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Hoover Dam. It is a hydroelectric power dam. There is also the state park, Valley of Fire State Park.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City always comes in the list of best family road trips from Texas. There are more than 50 attractions here. But you don’t need to visit all of them on a weekend. Some key places to explore are the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, Botanical Gardens, and the Oklahoma City Zoo. Here, you can eat at the famous Metro Wine Bar & Bistro. OK is 445 miles from Houston, 206 miles from Dallas, and 466 miles from San Antonio.

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Spring Break Road Trips from Texas

Spring break is a great time to hang out with friends and go outdoors. If you are keen on driving, you can go to many places and have a great adventure.

Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is one hour and 37 minutes away from Dallas. If you are in Fort Worth, it will take you approximately two hours to reach here. This is a popular spot in the southern US. Known as the Striped Cushion Capital of the World, you can go striper fishing here. This is one of those few places where striped bass can reproduce naturally. Another exciting thing is to visit Eisenhower State Park. It’s a great place to camp and engage in fishing.

Port Aransas

Port Aransas lies in South Texas and is a three-hour drive from Brownsville. If you want to experience the sun and sand in spring, Port Aransas is perfect. You can do offshore fishing or explore the 18 miles of beautiful golden beaches. Embark on long beach walks and engage in activities like beach combing.

Austin in Central Texas

Austin lies one hour and thirty minutes away from San Antonio. For many, the place is associated with music it has more to offer. Enjoy live music anywhere or view the sculpture gardens and Stem Museums. The place also has various beautiful lakes and scenic trails.


Galveston in East Texas is just an hour’s drive from Houston. It comes in the category of the best family road trips from Texas. From historic sites to stunning beaches; it has everything. The laidback island has attractions, such as Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier amusement park. Galveston Island Waterpark, and the Moody Galleries. There are also various unique museums, such as the Galveston Railroad Museum, Texas Seaport Museum, and The Vryam Museum.

 Big Bend National Park

This place is 3-hour drive from Midland and 4 hours 49 minutes drive from El Paso. Some top sites here are the Lost Mine Trail, the Ross Maxwell, Scenic Drive, and the locality Terlingua. It also has the Santa Elena Canyon, with steep limestone clips. If you are a hiker, visit the Balanced Rock for a hike.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some good road trips in Texas?

Some spectacular road trips in Texas will be visiting the Hill Country, Fort Worth in Dallas, and Houston & Gulf Coast. These take you to lesser-known parts and have you exploring scenic landscapes and beaches.

  1. Which states are drivable from Texas?

You can drive to New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma City, and Arkansas. All these states border Texas.

  1. Where should I visit on a 2-weeks Texas road trip?

A Texas road trip for two weeks will have you exploring the best of this place. You can go to Al Paso, Big Bend National Park, and Hill Country. If you have 3 days, visit Austin or Fort Worth.

  1. Can I take a drive from Texas to South America?

Yes, through the Pan-American Highway, you can drive from Texas to South America. This highway will get you to Brazil.

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Concluding Words

This list of road trips from Texas will prove to be handy whenever you want a change in your usual life. Texas has many great places inside and around it. You can plan a weekend, a week, or a day trip anytime using this short guide.

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