10 Best Car Rental Apps For iPhone Of The Year 2023


August 23, 2023

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Best Car Rental Apps For iPhone

Overview: Top 10 car rental applications for iPhone are Turo, Enterprise, Kayak, ZipCar, Getaround, Alamo, National Car Rental, Priceline, Free2Move, and Share Now. Therefore, you can select and install any of these apps and launch them to book a car. However, before that, get an in-depth guide on these companies to SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS MONEY.

With hundreds of car applications mushrooming around us, finding or understanding the best car rental application is impossible. Therefore, in this article, you’ll drive through the best car rental apps for iPhone. And it will ultimately help you download your most preferred app from the list.

Key Highlights to Consider:

  • Turo is leading the current car rental market and is considered the No.1 Car rental company in the USA.
  • To understand which car rental app is the best, you should consider its User Interface, range of cars available, price ranges, quality, and durability of the vehicle.
  • Before you select a car from any range, it’s essential that you must go through the user review before paying the rent.

How to Choose the Best Car Rental Apps For iPhone?

Why must you believe the applications mentioned in this list unless you know to judge quality? But then again, you’re not sure what makes a car renting application good or best.

Therefore, it’s best first to understand how to judge an app’s quality while renting a car and then focus on the best car-renting apps for iOS.

1.   Car Rental Cost

The first thing you must consider before renting a car from an application is their cost. Therefore, you must compare the prices of two similar model cars listed on two apps. It will definitely help you get closure on a better car rental company.

2.   Ranges of Car Available

The next factor you must consider is the availability of the car range. For example, you go to a car rental application to rent a specific range of a car. However, once you type your favorite range’s name, you find them unavailable.

It would be a deal breaker for you. So, it’s best to check their range and availability first and then consider those apps worthy.

3.   Quality And Reliability of Car

Always read user reviews before renting a car. And by review, I don’t mean reviews on the application. By review, I mean original reviews written on Angie’s list, Yelp, Google Customer reviews, etc. It will help you understand the car mileage, comfort, speed, and other vital factors while driving a car.

4.   App UI and Experience

Your primary source of booking a car is through an application. So, if the application’s user interface isn’t fast and full of bugs, would you use it? The obvious answer is NO! Therefore, to figure out the best car rental apps for iPhone, you must check out the car’s application and experience the app yourself.

10 Best Car Rental Apps For iPhone To Know About

Now it’s time for the show of the hour- the best car rentals to blow your mind and make you want to download them all.

So, without wasting further time, read out what is the best and cheapest car renting app out there in the market:

1.   Turo- The King of Car Rentals

App Overview:

Turo is indeed your dream come true when it comes to car rental applications. It’s one of the best and cheapest websites to rent a car.

With thousands of car rental ads being put up by car owners, Turo boasts about creating a platform that connects car owners and users directly.

Thus, both parties can skip the broker and make the deal. Moreover, Turo’s car ranges are the best; from vintage to the latest models, you will find everything here.

iOS Rating:

Turo’s iOS rating is excellent. Its current iOS rating is 4.8 on iOS.

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

Surprisingly, you can rent Turo for $25 only. Yes, Turo is affordable, so you can rent it without worrying about your life savings.

Some Good:

  • Humongous selection of cars
  • App UI is easy to use and set up.
  • Very cheap as compared to various other car rental companies.
  • Booking can be completed within minutes.

Some Bad:

  • Charges extra for young drivers while they rent a car.

2.   Enterprise- The Cheap And Reliable Friend

App Overview:

Enterprise is your best friend in the car rental world. With 9,000+ active locations, Enterprise is one of the oldest car rental companies. It started its journey in the ’50s and is still there, strong and sturdy, serving car drivers throughout the world.

iOS Rating:

Enterprise Car Rental’s iOS rating is 4.9, which is exceptionally good.

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

You can rent an Enterprise car for $90 per day. And while it’s a little expensive, it comes with the guarantee of safe ride and a top-notch user experience.

Some Good:

  • Marvelous service agents
  • Easy-to-use app features and regular updates
  • Special discounts for premium account holders
  • A wide range of car selections.

Some Bad:

  • It’s a little on the expensive side.
  • Reward points are not easy to earn.


3.   Kayak- Because It’s Not Just About Cars

App Overview:

If you want something beyond cars, Kayak is your option. With Kayak, you cannot just rent cars; you can book flights, book hotels, and take care of your entire itinerary.

iOS Rating:

Kayak’s iOS rating is 4.8, which means users love the app’s features.

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

You can rent a Kayak car for $28 per day. Indeed it’s one of the most affordable car rental services in the industry.

Some Good:

  • Affordable range of price.
  • Classy vehicles and a wide range of cars.
  • App features are easy to use and help with renting cars quickly.
  • Kayak’s support executives are friendly.

Some Bad:

  • Some occasional bugs are noticed in the app.

4.   ZipCar- It Will Zip Your Money From extra expenditure

App Overview:

ZipCar is a company giving head-on competition to Avis with their low price and high availability. You will find Zipcar in more than 500 cities worldwide, including Turkey and Spain.

iOS Rating:

ZipCar’s iOS rating is 4.5, which is very good and ensures it’s one of the best mobile applications for renters.

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

You can rent this car at $11 per hour or $91.50 per day. As it’s available on an hourly basis as well, you don’t have to pay for the entire day if you don’t want to.

Some Good:

  • Great range of cars and are clean and hygienic
  • The iOS application serves better than the Android
  • You can rent it on an hourly basis if you don’t want a car for an entire day.
  • University students and business people get special rebates.

Some Bad:

  • Poor internet reception sometimes stops the cars from igniting inside underground garages.

5.   Getaround- Get Around in Style

App Overview:

Cheap is the other name for Getaround. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. Getaround, just like Turo, will connect you to car owners through whom you can directly rent cars. So, you can cut the broker and chill together.

iOS Rating:

Getaround’s iOS rating is 4.6, which means it’s a robust app and is loved by various users.

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

You can book Getaround cars for just $5 to $8 per hour. And it’s one of the most beloved applications by the users.

Some Good:

  • A humongous range of car variety.
  • You can also rent a car if you want some quick cash.
  • Cars are clean and hygienic.
  • Prices are much lower compared to other applications.

Some Bad:

  • If you’re a driver below the age of 25, you might need to pay more.

6.   Alamo- The Best And Sturdiest

App Overview:

Alamo is the knight of the car market. It has been there, is there, and will be there in the future. Moreover, you also benefit from features like quick check-ins, and the car will be ready only when you’re ready to move.

iOS Rating: 4.9

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

You can also rent Alamo cars because they’re very cheap. The rent starts at $17 per day.

Some Good:

  • You can rent cars from this app for an affordable price.
  • Free upgradation is available if you don’t like your car size
  • Wide range of car models available for drivers.
  • Loyalty points for their loyal customers.

Some Bad:

  • Fleets are smaller; thus, car models get “Rented Out” quickly.

7.   National Car Rental- Not Just For The Nation

App Overview:

The name might be National, but they’re entirely international. No matter whether you’re in the USA or outside, you can rent cars from this app in over 1500+ locations and start driving your vehicles—moreover, plenty of models from which you can choose your favorite ride.

iOS Rating:

National’s iOS rating is 4.8, which is impressive in the renter’s field.

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

You can rent a National car from their mobile application for $30 per day.

Some Good:

  • The intuitive app makes it easier to book cars.
  • You can also book trucks if you want only from this application
  • Special deals go on now and then, letting renters earn discounts.
  • Emerald club members also get various perks.

Some Bad:

  • Prices shoot up if you rent it for a week or longer.


8.   Priceline- The Price Will Never Go Over The Price

App Overview:

Talk about a user-friendly interface and excellent app design. Priceline is one of them. You can book your car whenever possible; this company’s app works in 28,000+ live locations. That’s not all; you can also book flight tickets, hotels, and other tickets through this app.

iOS Rating:

Priceline has a 4.8 rating. This means it’s a popular application among users.

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

You have to pay just $39 every day to rent a car from Priceline.

Some Good:

  • Available in most Airports and cities around the world.
  • You can plan great trips through this app.
  • The cars are great and hygienic.

Some Bad:

  • Offers are not as cheap as the company claims them to be.

9.   Free2Move- You’re Free To Move Anywhere

App Overview:

Be it the USA or the European Union, with Free2Move, you can go anywhere. Moreover, you can share your car, charge them well and have excellent road time if you rent from this application.

iOS Rating:

Free2Move’s iOS rating is 4.5 stars which is quite impressive compared to various other companies in the market.

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

$136 per day. Honestly, the price is slightly higher than other car rental companies. But you can avail of regular discounts and lessen the cost.

Some Good:

  • Regular discounts are given out by the company.
  • The company is on the verge of expansion.

Some Bad:

  • Customer support could be more supportive.


10. Share Now- Time To Share the Name of the Best Car Rental

App Overview:

Lastly, we have a foreigner here. ShareNow is your true friend if you want to drive through the Swiss Alps. If you’re planning a trip to Europe and planning to rent a car there, ShareNow is your best choice.

iOS Rating:

The app rating is 4.8 stars, among the top 2 percentile of iOS apps.

Cost of the Rental Car Per Day:

You can rent a Share Now car for a low price of $17.41 per day.

Some Good:

  • Regular app updates are available.
  • Fast app features with fewer bugs.
  • You can book cars on a minute basis, making it more affordable for you.
  • Has a good range of luxury and premium cars.

Some Bad:

  • Customer service often takes time to respond unless your license is from the EU region.


Best car rental apps for iPhone will finally solve your problems of finding and renting the best car for your needs. Moreover, with these applications, you’ll have a better breakdown of the prices you’re paying. So, it’s better to look for rental car applications for the iPhone than to rent it over the counter.


  1. Which Car Rental App is The Best?

Cars in this list are all great, but Turo beats the list by standing on top. This platform goes to great lengths in providing the latest model cars and various other features that no other application will provide. So, Turo is the best car rental app.

  1. Is There An Android App to Rent Cars?

Apps in this list are downloadable on Android phones as well. So, if you want, you can download these applications on your Android phones and start renting cars on your own.

  1. What is the Cheapest Car Rental App?

All the names on the list are affordable for renting a car for yourself. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum experience at half the price, it’s best to rent a car from this list.

  1. Is It Safe to Pair an iPhone With a Rental Car?

Although you can, it’s best not to pair your iPhone or phone with a rental car. Or else your private data can get leaked by a cybercriminal, and your virtual security will be at risk.

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