Cross Border Fee Car Rental: Everything You Need To Know About


June 2, 2023

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Cross Border Fee Car Rental

Are you thinking about Cross Border Fee Car Rental? If yes, don’t worry. Keep reading the guide thoroughly. Here, you will learn everything about the cross-border fee and how to prevent it.

If you are planning a trip, it will cover more than one country. Choosing a rental car between countries can be difficult but no worries. Doing this is simple and easy.

Read the information in this blog if you want to book a car and visit other countries. If you do so, you’ll get detailed information about cross-border rentals. So, let’s proceed to get complete details.

What is a Cross-border fee?

The rental companies charge a cross-border fee from you if you rent a car and think of driving from one country to another. However, it is a fee that covers additional insurance, taxes, and other expenses. Renters need to inform the rental companies if they plan to cross countries.

If you pay this fee, there is a surety that you have valid insurance. The company can also give you the proper documentation if required. But for this, you have to inform the company about your plan before picking up the car so they can arrange the necessary documents.

How much does cross border fee cost for a car rental? 

The cross-border fee cost for a car rental is between 20 and 50 pounds. Remember that the prices can differ per the rental companies and in which country you want to visit.

However, some companies may not charge a fee as it is free. So, before hiring a car for your trip, you must compare the price from different rental companies. Some cross-border fees are shown below in the given table:


Start point Destination Rental Company Cross-border fee
Spain Portugal Centauro $12
Canada US Alamo $35
Switzerland Germany Dollar $55
EU UK Europcar $46
Germany Austria Hertz $28


Is it necessary to inform the rental company that you’re crossing a border?

Yes, inform the rental company before crossing a border; otherwise, your insurance might be invalid. It also means that you will only be responsible for all repair costs if your car is stolen or damaged.

However, if you hire a car in Europe, you needn’t give any notice before picking up the car. But if you travel to South America, you must inform the company earlier so that they can prepare the documents you need while crossing borders. Moreover, when renting, you can inform the rental company that you want to cross a border with your rental car.

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What happens if I don’t pay the cross-border fees?

The rental car insurance might not be valid if you don’t pay the cross-border fees and haven’t informed the rental company. Thus, the company will charge for the damages, extra charges, and other fees from you.

What if you want to drive across more than one border? 

If you plan to drive in more than one country, the rental company will ask you to pay the cross-border fee. Not all, but some companies charge you a fee per zone or country. The explanation of this is discussed in the terms and conditions of your deal. So, before renting a vehicle, have a look over them.

Can you avoid paying a cross-border fee? 

Some companies include the cross-border fee in rental deals, while others don’t charge a fee. So, to avoid paying, you must compare the deals before booking a vehicle. It is advised to select the best deal for you.

Are there any countries you can’t cross into? 

Countries like Thailand are prohibited from crossing a border in a rental car. In general, this is due to federal restrictions. Thus, inform the rental company about your plans to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Cross-border in North America 

Many rental companies allow renters to drive their cars between Canada and the US. So, before picking up the car, you must ask the company for permission. Before crossing the US and Canada, you must have your rental documents and passport.

Some suppliers are not permitted to cross the borders or state. Due to this reason, you must ask the company in which states you are allowed to drive in. Thus, the cross-border between the US and Mexico is restricted. The companies that let you do it might charge huge cross-border fees.

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The Bottom Line 

Overall, informing the rental company if you want to drive a car in other countries is vital to avoid paying cross-border fees. After reviewing the above information, you’ll know about Cross Border Fee Car Rental. However, if you find this page helpful, write in the comment box below.


In which situations do I have to pay the cross-border fee? 

You must pay the cross-border fee if you travel to more than one country during the rental period.

What is a cross-border fee rental car? 

In car rental, the cross-border fee is a fee that covers extra insurance, taxes, and other fees. Remember that car rental companies charge this fee.

What is the cost of a rental car in Delhi? 

The cost of a rental car in Delhi is approx ₹ 45,268 per week (₹ 6,467 per day).

Why is car rental so expensive? 

Due to taxes, fees, high demand, and insurance costs, rental cars are costly.

How do I avoid cross-border fees for car rental? 

To prevent paying cross-border fees, you must open a branch of your company in a country where many customers live.

Can you rent a car in Germany with an Indian license?

Non-Europeans require a valid’s driver’s license from their home state to hire a vehicle in Europe.

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