What To Do And Not To Do For a Free Rental Car Upgrade


August 25, 2023

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Free Rental Car Upgrade

Overview: To get a free upgrade on your rental car, you can book the oldest car in the lot, use a coupon code, and become a loyal member of the company. Moreover, you can also go for rewards programs, use credit cards that offer free upgrades, and be nice to the agent. Finally, you can get a free upgrade by getting to the counter at the busiest hour of the day.

Getting a free rental car upgrade is not a tough job anymore. A couple of tricks & hacks and the upgrade is all yours. Yet, there aren’t many people who try these hacks.

That’s because they don’t know how to pull the tricks. So today, they and you will learn to get a free upgrade like a pro.

Key Factors to Remember:

  • If you want a free upgrade, you cannot get late to the counter.
  • Behaving rudely with the customer will kill your chances of getting a free upgrade.
  • Always opt for a car rental company that has lots of upgrade opportunities.
  • If you are a rewards program member of car rental companies like Hertz Rent-a-Car, you will have higher chances of getting a free upgrade on economy class cars.] Snippet

What Reduces Your Chance of Getting a Free Rental Car Upgrade?

Before you know how to get a free upgrade on your rental car, you must learn what will prevent you from getting one.

Whether it’s Avis Rent-a-Car or any other company, don’t ever do this while asking for an upgrade.

1. Arriving At The Counter Late

One thing that will surely deprive you of your chances of a free upgrade is late arrival. For example, if you’re supposed to arrive at the counter at 6 a.m., and you end up arriving at 10, rest assured an upgrade will not come your way.

2. Acting Rude To the Agents

The last thing agents want are rude customers. Be it any car rental company, nothing will come your way if you go there and flex your money. So, do whatever you want, but please refrain from being rude to your agents. They will not have it that way!

3. By Paying Less And Asking For More

You won’t receive one if you pay less for a car yet ask for a free upgrade. And it’s not rocket science that you won’t understand why! If the money you spend is less than the quality of the car you are asking for, no car rental company will provide you with an upgrade.

However, if you’re one of their loyal customers, they might consider you an upgrade. Yet, it’s better not to opt for that stint, as it’s not 100% sure.


7 Tricks of Getting A Free Rental Car Upgrade

Knowing what not to do makes it a little easier to understand what to do. So now it will be easier for you to understand the tricks of getting a car rental upgrade for free.

Plus, you won’t get into any trouble.

1. Become One Of Their Loyals

Loyalty never lets you down. Car rental companies often provide memberships, which one can easily avail of. So, it’s best to become a loyal member of the company and receive ample benefits from them.

One of these benefits is a free car upgrade now and then. If your preferred car is available, and you are loyal to the company, the upgrade is all yours.

Furthermore, if you are a loyal company member, they will offer benefits on car insurance and various other features.

2. Learn Which Credit Card Can Bring You A Discount

If you’re an American by heart, you know that credit card is not a new phenomenon. Credit cards are often called modern-day magic wands and can often do wonders.

So, if you want a free upgrade, learn to select the right credit card while booking the car. And the free upgrade will be all yours.

Chase Sapphire Credit Card is known to be the perfect credit card to earn points and free upgrades.

3. Be on your Best Behavior With The Car Agent

You have already read in the above section that car rental agents hate rude and obnoxious customers. So, remember to behave properly and in a friendly manner while requesting a car upgrade.

Politeness can take you a long way, or at least to a better car model.

Ask your agents questions like, “Many family members will accompany me; is it possible to get a car with a little more space?” They are quite smart and perfectly catch what you’re trying to imply there and will do their best.

4. A Coupon Code Might Help You

This one’s fairly simple! Most car rental companies offer coupon codes to give you a free upgrade. You can utilize that!

Go to your Google Chrome and type, “Car rentals near me that offer coupon code.” Google will provide you with a list of the companies that provide frequent offer coupons and upgrades.


5. Book The Oldest Car In The Lot

Booking an old car for a higher price will give you a free upgrade 100%.

Why? Because, if you book an old car, problems are bound to arise. For example, an old car will smell odd from the inside, will have dents, and will be driven more.

Therefore, finding a problem will be easier. Thus, you can easily upgrade to a better version by paying the same price for the old car.

Now, remember about your rights. The car agents might tell you that you need to pay more to get an upgrade. But, you have to stick by your words and tell them politely that you deserve a free upgrade if there’s a problem with your car and if options are available.

6. Begin With The Rush Hour

Believe it or not, agents will likely upgrade you for free if you visit the counter during rush hour.

Alright, here’s the thing: if you visit the counter during the rush hour, people might have already driven out with your booked car. In that case, agents will have no other option than to upgrade you.

That way, you will receive a good offer, and the agent will also be able to make a sale. Hence, this is one of the best ways of getting a free rental car upgrade.

7. A Good Rewards Program Will Help You

Every car rental company offers rewards programs for their loyal customers and members. For example, Hertz’s rewards program includes the Gold Plus Rewards Program. Avis’s rewards program is called the Avis Preferred Rewards Program.

However, to qualify for these rewards programs, one has to become a member of their customer club. And while the above-mentioned memberships wouldn’t require any joining fees, others might ask for some token amount.

In that case, the upgrade becomes your right; you don’t have to apply any trick to receive it.


Getting a free rental car upgrade is about intelligently tackling the car rental company. However, don’t expect a free upgrade every time you book a car. So, don’t try these stunts every time on your own.

But, if you’re one of their loyal members, and the company offers you a free upgrade, don’t decline the sweet proposition.


  1. Does Avis Offer a Free Upgrade to Their Customers?

If you’re an Avis Preferred Member, you’ll receive a free one-class upgrade starting from mid-size cars. However, your upgrade depends on their car’s availability. If the car’s available, you’ll receive an upgrade.

  1. Which is The Correct Way of Talking the Agents Into A Free Upgrade?

The correct way of talking to an agent for a free upgrade is politely. Car rental company agents don’t like rude customers. For example, if you need an upgrade for free, just tell them, “I was hoping for a better quality car at this price. Is there a way you can work it out?

  1. Which Car Rental Company Offers The Most Free Upgrades?

You can ask for endless free upgrades and discounts with an Enterprise Plus program. Apart from that, there are

Budget Rent A Car,

-Dollar Car Rental,

Hertz Car Rental and

-National Car Rental.

  1. Why Does a Car Company Offer Upgrade For Free?

A company offers free upgrades to increase their cordial relation with the customer and keep them loyal towards them throughout their time. Nobody hates free upgrades, especially when they don’t have to ask for it. Thus, customers love it when they receive free upgrades, and the company earns a customer for life.

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