Nu Car Rental Orlando Airport (Reasons, Terms & Conditions)


March 4, 2024

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Nu Car Rental Orlando Airport

To explore Orlando, renting a vehicle from NU is the best idea because the company offers a considerable vehicle fleet, outstanding service, and many more. The customer review for NU car rental Orlando is 6.8, while the waiting time is 12 minutes at the counter.

It means you can book your rental quickly. To make your journey perfect with the NU rental cars, complete the form by visiting the website. They offer low-cost vehicles of different types and sizes. Hence, you can book your auto at an appropriate airport within Orlando, FL.

However, if you want to know more about NU rental, scroll down the page and continue reading the blog.

What do you need to know about NU in Orlando MCO Airport?

If you’re looking to rent a vehicle at an affordable cost, you must rent an NU car. The company provides pickup/dropoff services, various types of vehicles, and optional equipment. All these are available with NU as they make your trip hassle-free and fulfill your car dreams.

Before booking, please go through the available offers and compare them with other rental companies. Have a look at the benefits and withdrawals of each deal. NU car rental, pickup type, phone number, and address are mentioned below for your comfort.

  • Company name: NU Car Rental
  • Address: 3719 MCCOY ROAD, ORLANDO, FL, FL, Florida
  • Pickup type: Free shuttle bus
  • Working hours: From Monday to Sunday between 6 am to 11 pm
  • Phone number: +1.407.240.2700

Reasons to rent a car in NU at Orlando Airport

Florida is a joyful place in the Atlantic, and Orlando is its heart. It has various attractions such as green spaces, trending shopping outlets, historical sites, cultural spots, science centers, etc., and due to this, everyone wants to visit.

Here, you can enjoy all the activities simultaneously. But many people want to know how to do that. The answer is to take an NU car rental at Orlando Airport. This is the best alternative to public transport.

Hence, you can go to your favorite places without offering luxury, like enjoying a picnic at the Safari Wilderness Ranch, shopping at the Mall at Millenia, or learning about American history by visiting the Museum of Art.

You can find a few secret places or lengthen your trip to Miami, Cape Canaveral, Tampa, or the Everglades. Remember that nothing is impossible with a car.

Cheap NU car rentals at Orlando Airport

The lowest price for the rental car is $16/day or $87/week from NU in MCO Airport. To find the best deal, you can apply filters on our website. Are you finding USA car rentals from NU at a cheap price? If yes, enter the travel dates in the search form and hit the search icon.

It would help to compare deals by different parameters, saving money. If you still need to find the perfect car for rental, you must check the below catalog, as it will help you decide what you need from a rental car. To continue booking in Orlando, tap on the desired deal.

NU office at Orlando Airport

The NU office is located outside the airport. Once you reach the airport, collect your bags by visiting the baggage claim area and go to the Level 1 Ground Transportation Area. Here, you’ll find the A11 space on the A-side and the B34 space on the B-side of the terminal, where the shuttle service will meet you.

If you cannot find a bus, wait 10-20 minutes or call 460 for assistance. Car rentals from NU Orlando must be returned to the office parking. You’re advised to follow the company’s address to visit the NU office, and if you need to, you can ask for after-hours pickup/dropoff service.


Rental terms and conditions – NU at Orlando Airport

If you plan to book a rental car, you must first review the supplier’s terms and conditions, such as restrictions, fees, insurance, travel limits, guidelines, legal age, etc. Once you fulfill all these requirements, it will make your road trip perfect.

1.   Driver’s requirements

The company allows rental cars to a minimum of 18-year-old drivers. As an underage fee, they charge an additional fee for different ages; for example, 18 to 21 years will need to pay $20/day, and 22 to 24 years will pay $10/day. A credit or debit card with the name of the driver is needed.

The minimum amount must be available on your card to the total reservation price, along with the security deposit. The deposit amount for NU Car Rental Orlando is $300. Debit card drivers will be charged a $10 surcharge to have $500 coverage in case of damage.

2.   Optional extras

To make your trip safe and secure, the company offers various other options, such as:

  • Additional driver: $6/day
  • $8/day: Toddler/Child/Infant seat
  • Satellite navigation: $8/day
  • $12/day: Toll tag

3.   Travel restrictions

The company offers unlimited mileage, but you must stay in Florida. If possible, they let you return the vehicle to another location within Orlando. In this case, a one-way drop charge will be applicable. You must fill out the form to find out the availability for the desired pickup/dropoff points.

4.   Additional information:

  • 1 reservation day = 24 hours
  • Late returns may charge additional fees
  • Fuel costs not included
  • To avoid charges, return the vehicle with a full tank
  • Cleaning fee for dirty interior: $50-250.

5.   NU Rent a Car in MCO Airport:

  • The most expensive car model: Chrysler 300.
  • The cheapest car model: Dodge Neon.
  • Most popular car group: Compact.
  • The lowest rental price is $16/day. Average: $50/day.

How much does renting a car from NU in Orlando Airport, FL, cost?

The average cost to rent a car from NU in Orlando Airport is around $27/day and $144/week. The rates differ from $16 to $56/day and $87 to $296/week in Orlando. Remember that if you hire a car using compact and economical models, it will be affordable.

Alternatively, luxury or premium cars might be expensive. The simple way to find the best deal is by checking the NU rental car price at Orlando Airport. Rates for the exact vehicle can differ due to the presence of products like equipment, insurance, etc.

The cost also changes due to the location. The price of the same model at the airport and near the downtown office might be different. Due to this reason, it’s advised to compare the cost to get the best deal.

NU Car Rental Fees:

  • Additional Driver Fee: $51/day. Book extra drivers or ensure they’re a spouse/partner.
  • One-Way Fee: Variable. To avoid this, select the same pickup and dropoff points.
  • Late Return Fee: $50 – $125. Return on time or within the grace period.
  • Excess Fee: $200 – $1000. Get additional coverage or lower excess insurance.
  • Cancellation Fee: Varies. To avoid paying extra charges, cancel within the allowed time.
  • Child Seat Fee: $35 – $135. Bring your own or purchase locally.
  • Refueling Fee: Fuel price + extra. Before returning, refuel to avoid.
  • Under 25 Fee: $11.99 – $60.99/day. Utilize AAA, USAA, or have an older driver.
  • Cross Border Fee: Varies. Avoid staying within the country.
  • Extra Mileage Fee: $0.25 – $0.49/mile. Choose unlimited miles or remain within the limit.

Best time to rent a car from NU in MCO Airport, USA

The prime factor in knowing the final rate of your rental is the time of the year you pick it up and the car class. The rates might increase during the high season because of the increasing demand.

You’ll find the best price to rent a car from MU during a low demand. Below, we’ve created a chart that shows price fluctuations throughout the year. Please look at them and choose the right time for your journey.
















Renting NU Car Rental in Orlando Airport costs $27/day and $144/week. Instead of NU, various companies in Orlando, such as Hertz, ACE, Thrifty Sapphire, Value, Easirent, Dollar, etc., offer high-quality rental services. Before making a final decision, you must check all the available rental car companies and their ratings.



Does Nu Car Rental have a shuttle at Orlando airport?

Yes, NU Car Rental has a shuttle at Orlando Airport. Once you reach the airport, call 407-240-2700 for the courtesy shuttle. Meet the representative at the pickup space A11 on the A side or B12 on the B side of the terminal to collect the luggage.

Why are rental cars so expensive in Orlando?

Rental cars are expensive in Orlando because of the exceeding demand-supply. Due to this, rental prices increase. Some visitors know about the increased car hire pricing, while others need to be made aware.

Does Nu Car Rental have a shuttle at LAX?

Upon arrival, go to the pink zone for LAX Shuttles. You must take the green metro line to reach the Remote Rental Depot. You must know the time of the shuttle as it runs from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 4:30 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Why are one-way car rentals so expensive?

One-way car rentals are costly because the car needs to return from where it started. They are factoring in returning the vehicle to the original station by charging this Fee.

What does free shuttle car rental mean?

Free shuttle rental car means they are close to the airport and provide customers free service to and from their depot. Suppliers will provide you with complete information for the convenience of contacting them once they collect you.

What are the Nu Car Rental Orlando hours?

The Nu Car Rental Orlando hours are from 6 am to 11 pm, Monday to Sunday. You can contact Nu Rental Car if you have any issues or questions.

How far is Nu Car Rental from Orlando Airport?

Nu Car Rental is 2.8 m away from Orlando Airport.


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