Now Easily Skip The Line At The Car Rental Counter For Renting A Car


July 11, 2023

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Skip The Line At The Car Rental Counter

With surging travel demands, the availability of car rental services became tough to get. For that, you need to wait in a long queue. This can be frustrating for you. However, what if we say there’s absolutely no need to stand in a queue to rent a car? Surprised, hmm? It’s true as most of the car rental service providers are now in a practice to make the car renting process online. With this, you can Skip the Line at the Car Rental Counter.

After the pandemic, there was a huge spike seen in renting car process. People started coming back to road travel and this caused a huge problem for people who stand in a long queue for booking their car.

To solve this problem, major car rental services providers such as Hertz, Avis, Dollar Car Rental, and Alamo Rent-a-Car come forward to make things easier and avoid the long lines for Car renting.

Here’s what they do to eradicate long queues for car renting:

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How to Skip the Line at the Car Rental Counter? 

To avoid waiting for long, a customer must be doing the below-given things correctly.

1. Participate in Car Royalty Program:

Participating in Car Royalty can be a great option to avoid the long queue. All you need is to choose a car rental service provider and participate in its loyalty program. For instance, Hertz’s Gold Plus Reward Program. Joining this will let you be free from long queues.

Autoslash, for instance, is another car rental service provider providing a loyalty program. However, it’s not widely accepted for renting a car.

2. Online Check-in:

It’s another option to skip the line for renting a car. In this, a customer needs to check in from his/her comfort before arriving at the rental location. You pay from the same platform and accept the rental agreement. Further, you will be able to collect the car keys at a location directly.

3. Choosing an alternate option:

With the popular car rental services, there’s a certain rush and you might not always get the car even after standing for a long. Alternatively, choosing another option such as Turo for renting a car can be quick in providing the car. Also, the service of Turo is available at most airports.

4. Choose off-airport locations:

You can have a choice of alternative car rental services which are a little far from the airport but have comparatively less crowded. This can be a great option but demand some time and money.

5. Avoid Peak travel time: 

Ensure traveling on off days, if possible. Meaning, on rushed days such as holidays and weekends, people naturally travel a lot which will make you stand alone for your turn to come. Hence, traveling in off times can be less chaotic, and easy to get a car.

Advantages of choosing an alternate way to rent a car – 

Taking participation in reward programs and loyalty programs gives you several benefits. Here’s what they are:

  • Ease of booking by checking in only.
  • Making sure of car availability at renting location
  • Avoid going to the counter
  • Have better car choices
  • Other additional services for free

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Some of the major car rental service providers Along with what they offer – 

Services What they offer:
National Car Rental Reward program
Hertz Rent a Car Point Earning Program
Enterprise Rent-a-Car Enterprise Plus Program
Thrifty Car Rental Reward Programs
Dollar Car Rental Rental Programs
Budget Rent a Car Rental Services
Avis Car Rental Loyalty Program

In Submission:

Standing in a long queue can be disruptive and soak your time and energy. However, this can be avoided by taking online check-in, loyalty program, and reward program help. In the blog, we made Skip the Line at the Car Rental Counter Possible. Know how!

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