10 Things to Do on Road Trips For Fun & Entertainment


August 26, 2023

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Things to Do on Road Trips

Overview: On a road trip, you can play conversation starter games, prepare a bucket list, trivia games, and guess songs. You can also play audiobooks and podcasts, play 20 questions, alphabet games, and enjoy a friendly chat with your friends. Finally, you can write a journal and play Sudoku.

There are innumerable fun things to do on road trips. So, there’s no way to feel even a tinge of boredom. However, they must be aware of these fun things.

Here, you will learn what you can do on a road trip with your friends, partner, or family. It’s going to be fun, so dive in!

Some Ground Rules:

  • Don’t force anyone to play with you, no matter how fun the trip game It will only ruin everyone’s mood.
  • Distracting the driver could cause severe accidents and bodily harm. So, please don’t distract the driver.
  • It’s not very cool to get competitive while playing games. So, please avoid it.

10 Amazing Things To Do On Road Trips

To play games and do road trip activities, you don’t need much stuff. All you need is a fully charged phone, an iPad, a speaker, pens, and diaries.

So, here are 10 activities that make your road trips more memorable and help you feel your journey from within.

1. Play Conversation Starter Games

Conversation starter games are great icebreakers. You can ask questions to your travel mates about themselves, and in return, you also tell them something about you.

Some conversation-starting trip game questions are, “In which city or state did you grow up?” or, “What makes your heart truly happy?” These questions, though simple, will help you guys to understand yourselves.

2. Prepare Bucket Lists With Your Travel Mates

Bucket lists are always fun! They act as fun activities to keep you busy and help you figure out your wants. So, scoot this game in your road trip planner and remember to take a notepad or tablet with you.

Write your and your buddies’ wishes, and determine how many desires match. The more wishes check, the better you can prepare for your next trip.

3. Play Trivia Games

Playing Trivia games is really, really exciting. You can set up a questionnaire with some general knowledge questions before your road trip.

Once you have started and settled in, you can bring out these games and start playing them with your traveling partners.

These games include questions like, “Which major league Basketball has the highest records?” Or you can also ask about the 2nd President of the United States of America.


4. Play Guess the Song

Guess the game is yet another extremely entertaining game. In this game, you must play a part of your songs, and your partners must guess the song.

If they do so correctly, they get plus points. But if they can’t guess the song, they lose a point.

For this game, you need a fully charged phone and a cool Spotify playlist; that’s it. So, if you’re a music lover, this game can help you have a great time with your friends.

5. Listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts

If you’re not a people person and playing group games is not your cup of tea, Audiobooks and podcasts are the best options.

You can bring plug-in earphones and listen to stories and podcasts to make your trip memorable.

However, please remember not to listen to crime podcasts during your road trips, as they can be triggering. Other than that, you can listen to any story or podcaster you want (Except for Andrew Tate).

6. Play 20 Questions

20 Questions is one of the most exciting yet mind-boggling games. It will help you and your travel partners carry the journey with zero ounces of boredom.

The rules of this game are that you have to set a topic for your friends. Now, they have to ask you questions to determine the name of the movie you’re thinking of.

For example, if you say “Movies”, they have to ask you questions like, “Is it a Greta Gerwig Movie?”, “Is Saorise Ronan a part of that movie?”

7. Alphabet Games Are Also Interesting

Remember this game? You used to call it the “ABC” Game in your childhood. This travel game for the car can bring in some good childhood memories while with your friends.

Suppose you know the game well and good. But if you don’t, the rules are pretty simple: you choose a category and your partners and start naming things from that category alphabetically.

For example, if you choose “Books“, your partner or friends have to start with “Animal Farm” and gradually move up the alphabetical ladder.

8. Write A Travel Journal

A travel journal is perfect if you plan a solo road trip. While you drive throughout the day, you can camp somewhere during the evenings and nights and write.

This might not be a game, but it’ll definitely give you some closure about life and what awaits you in the future. Moreover, you will gain a deeper perspective on life if you write a travel journal during your road trip.

So, why wait? Pack a pen and diary, and set out for a soul-searching journey.


9. Play Sudoku With Your Buddies

Do you want to keep busy and hone your mathematical skills simultaneously? Sudoku is your perfect choice. Install a sudoku game on your phone and put it on multiplayer mode.

Now invite your friends and play a tournament with them. And if you don’t like Sudoku, you can replace it with a crossword or any other board game.

It will keep you busy and help you improve your knowledge, grammar sense, and vocabulary.

10. Chat Your Time Away

Chatting is the best activity for you if you’re out on the road with your romantic partner and this is your first trip with them.

You will get several other chances to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, play games, or write a journal.

But it must be special if you’re out on a trip with a person you’ve started dating. So, chatting is the best activity to get to know each other and have a great time on the road.


Get ready to have some fun on your road trips. That’s because now you know about the things to do on road trips to keep yourself engaged. So, rent a car, charge your phone, and get on the road. There’s nothing like a serene journey.


  1. How Can I Not Get Bored On A Road Trip?

To not get bored on a road trip, you can play games like 20 Questions, trivia, and ABC games. You can also listen to podcasts or audiobooks you have always wanted to read.

  1. Can I Carry A Book On A Road Trip?

Yes, books are the best way to avoid boredom during a road trip. So, bringing books is one of the best options on a road trip. Moreover, if you like being to yourself and avoiding loud associations, you can plug in music and read books to keep busy.

  1. How Can I Make My Road Trip More Exciting?

Ways are aplenty to keep things exciting on road trips. You can play games with your buddies and sing and listen to songs. Or you can simply chat your way to the destination.

  1. How To Enjoy A Boring Trip?

Making a trip exciting is on you. So, if you’re on a journey that feels boring, you can go to the local market, eat at restaurants, and learn about the place’s culture. These activities will not only keep you engaged but also provide knowledge.

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