Top 10 Unexpected Car Rental Charges(Detailed Information)


June 17, 2023

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Top 10 Unexpected Car Rental Charges

In this blog post, we are going to discuss “Top 10 unexpected car rental charges”. So, before renting the vehicle follow the below step-by-step guide.

If you are searching for a cost-effective and convenient way to travel then car rentals can be an excellent option. Thus, renting a car comes with various unwanted fees.

If you are not aware of those fees, then no worries. Here, we have covered the top 10 unexpected car rental charges in the USA. Thus, you need to follow and try to avoid them while renting rental cars.

1.  Additional Driver Fees:

When you add someone else as a driver then rental car companies charge additional driver fees. However, these fees range between $10 to $25 per pay, per driver. These fees add up quickly to the rental agreement if you are deciding on multiple drivers.

Thus, to avoid these, use a limited number of drivers, and if required then only add a driver. Besides, some rental companies offer promotions that reject additional driver fees. So, before renting research rental companies to see such promotions.

2.  Insurance Surcharges:

Most rental companies offer insurance options but these can come with extra fees. However, the cost of insurance differs. Usually, it depends on the rental company, type of coverage, and the state you’re renting in.

Thus, to know about the coverage fees, you need to carefully understand the terms and conditions of the insurance options. Mostly, purchasing insurance from an external provider may be cost-effective.

3.  Fuel Charges:

Once the rental period is over, return the car with the same amount of fuel as when you picked it up. If you will not do so then you’ll have to pay fuel charges. This charge might be higher than the cost of filling up at a gas station.

Thus, to avoid this make sure to fill up the gas tank before returning the car. Moreover, some rental companies offer prepaid fuel options. But remember that these can be more expensive than filling up on your own.

4.  Airport Surcharges:

If you are renting a vehicle at an airport then you have to pay airport surcharges. This is because many airports charge rental car companies fees for operating on their premises. The fee can range from a few dollars to over $30 per day.

As it depends on the rental company and the location. Hence, to avoid these charges you need to choose an off-airport location. Doing so may need extra transportation but save you money.

5.  Underage Driver Fees:

You may be charged an additional fee if you are a driver under 25 years old. This fee can be as high as $30 per day. These fees depend on the state you’re renting in and the rental company. To avoid these fees, consider having an older friend or family member rent the car. Also, can add up as an additional driver.

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6.  Mileage Charges:

During the rental period, some rental companies may limit the number of miles you can drive. Also, if the limit exceeds then you will be charged additional fees. Moreover, the mileage charges can range between $0.10 to $0.50 per mile.

To prevent these charges you need to rent a vehicle from a company that offers unlimited mileage. Or if you have already planned your trip then stay within the mileage limit.

7.  Vehicle Upgrade Fees:

You may be charged an additional fee for the upgrade if you request a larger luxurious car than what was reserved. The vehicle upgrade fees range from a few dollars to over $50 per day.

This depends on the type of car and the rental company. Thus, ensure to book the type of car you need to prevent vehicle upgrade fees. Also, avoid choosing a larger or more expensive car.

8.  Drop-Off Fees:

You might be charged a drop-off fee if you pick up a car in one location and return it in another. This charge depends on the drop-off and pickup locations. It can range from a few dollars to over $1,000.

For this reason, consider renting a car from a company that has multiple locations in the same city or area. Doing this can save you money. Also, makes it easy for you while return the car without charging any extra fees.

9.  Toll Fees:

Using toll roads, many rental car companies offer convenience. But this convenience can come along with additional charges. During the rental period, if you are using a toll road then the company will charge you an administrative fee.

This fee can come in addition to the cost of the toll. To prevent this, purchase a toll pass in advance or use a mobile payment app.

10. Cleaning Fees:

Every rental company wants their rental car in the same condition as when you picked it up. If the car is dirty or found any scratches then you may be charged cleaning fees. This fee usually depends on the extent of the cleaning required.

It can range from a few dollars to over $250. To avoid cleaning fees, make sure the car is neat and clean and doesn’t have any damage. If found then inform directly to the rental company.

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That all! The above-mentioned “Top 10 unexpected car rental charges” help you to avoid paying any fees. However, to travel renting a car can be a convenient way. But, if you are unaware of the above fees then it might be risky for you.

Thus, before renting a car follow the above steps to avoid them. Before making a deal with the rental company, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully. If found any issues then ask the rental car company directly.


How to avoid surprise rental car charges?

To prevent surprise car rental charges, follow the below tips:

  • Watch for Toll charges
  • Inspect the car for damage
  • If have then skip rental car insurance
  • Check the mileage limits
  • Avoid airport rentals

Why are rental cars so expensive all of a sudden?

It might not have enough to go around for travelers if the agency sold off a good number of its cars. And due to these reasons, they have fewer cars and their rental cars are more costly.

How to avoid one-way fee car rental USA?

To prevent one-way fees, follow below step-by-step guide:

  • Book the vehicle in advance
  • Look for coupons and discounts
  • Drop-off at an airport
  • Use a booking site

What is the cheapest company to rent a car in the USA?

Enterprise, Budget, and Hertz are the cheapest company to rent a car in the USA.

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