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July 1, 2023

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What Is a Cleaning And Valuating Fee In Car Rental

If you want to know “What is a cleaning and valuating fee in car rental” then no worries. Here, you will know what a cleaning and valuation fee is. Also, you will know why they’re charged and how to avoid these fees.

In the USA, most rental companies often charge cleaning and valuation fees to their customers when they return vehicles. However, these fees can be unpredictable and add to your rental cost immediately.

So, before renting a vehicle you must know about those fees. In case, have any problems regarding those fees then directly ask the car rental company.

What is a Cleaning and Valuation Fee?

The cleaning and valuation fees are a type of fee that covers the cost of cleaning. These fees are charged by the car rental companies to customers once they return the rental vehicle. Typically, the fee is charged if the car is found dirty.

Also, it can include stains, spills, and damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle. Many rental companies want their rental cars in the same condition as when you picked them up.

How Much Are Cleaning and Valuation Fees?

Usually, the fee depends on the car rental company and the condition of the vehicle upon return. These fees cannot be the same it can differ as per the situation.

However, some companies charge a flat fee while others charge per hour of cleaning time. Thus, the cleaning fees can range from $25 to $150. While, the valuation fees can be as high as %500, sometimes more.

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Why Are Cleaning and Valuation Fees Charged?

Cleaning and valuation fees are charged by car rental companies for various reasons. First, to ensure customer satisfaction and safety, they want to maintain the condition of their vehicles.

Second, these fees cancel the cost of hiring staff to clean vehicles. Last but not least, these fees work as a handicap for customers who don’t take proper care of rental vehicles.

Tips for Avoiding Cleaning and Valuation Fees

When renting a car there are various things that you can use to avoid cleaning and valuation fees. First of all, keep the rental vehicle neat and clean during the rental period. This means that no eating and drinking inside the car.

Before returning, remove all these things if available in the car. Second, if any damage occurs then report it to the rental company directly. So, rental staff can address the problem quickly and minimize the potential for extra fees.

What to Do If You’re Charged a Cleaning and Valuation Fee

There are some steps that you need to take if you think that the cleaning or valuation fee is unjustified. To do so, first, you need to read the rental agreement carefully and understand its terms and conditions.

After that, if you have cleaned the rental car then you need to collect evidence for your claim. This includes receipts for cleaning you had done or photos of the vehicle.

Lastly, contact the rental company and discuss your situation with them. If possible then they can provide you with a genuine solution to your problem.


In the car rental industry, you need to know about “What is a cleaning and valuating fee”. These fees are charged by the rental company if they found the car dirty or damaged.

However, customers can avoid these fees by keeping the rental vehicle clean. If have any issues contact directly with the rental company without hesitating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to return a rental car dirty?

No, it’s not ok to return a rental car dirty. You must have to wash or clean a rental car before returning it. However, make sure that the car is in the same condition as you received from the rental company. This is because the rental company has to rent the car to another customer also.

Why did Hertz charge me $100?

For all of its cars, Hertz has a strict “no smoking” policy. You may be charged $100 if you light up in one of its rentals. This fee is charged to cover the cost of vehicle cleaning.

Why did Hertz charge me 200?

Your card will be charged a hold of up to $200 plus estimated rental charges when you book with Hertz. However, that sum is blocked until the credit card company returns.

Does dollar car rental charge a one-way fee?

You can take off a rental car at one Dollar location and return at another.

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