Allianz Rental Car Insurance (What Does Allianz Cover)


February 26, 2024

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Allianz Rental Car Insurance

Before renting a car, you must determine the Allianz rental car insurance first. This rental car insurance covers damage, loss, and collision of up to $75,000. It also includes 24-hour emergency support if you’re in a bad situation.

Allianz coverage starts at just $11 a day. However, the cost will differ depending on several factors, such as your driving history, types of coverage, and much more. It is affordable and offers what you want on your business or vacation trip.

It’s advised to compare car insurance coverage prices before choosing a policy. Take some time to do research, and then find the best coverage for you. To get more details, continue reading!

What does Allianz’s rental car insurance cover?

Allianz rental car insurance covers losses, damages, and collisions with OneTrip Rental Car Protector for up to $75,000. In most areas, rental insurance includes 24-hour emergency assistance. The specific coverage that this company offers is provided below:


Trip interruption coverage: This covers your trip’s unused portion and increased transportation costs once you return home.

Collision damage waiver: If your rental car is damaged in an accident, this will cover the costs.

Baggage loss or damage: It covers theft of personal baggage or items. Remember that it’s only available in some states.

24-hour emergency assistance: This coverage helps policyholders solve rental vehicle problems during their travels.

Buying a collision damage waiver before you rent a car is advised. Doing this will save you time and money. Before purchasing, you must compare prices between various rental car insurance companies to see which offers have the best coverage.

How much does Allianz’s rental car insurance cost?

Allianz rental car insurance costs start at just $11/day. Note that this rate depends on various factors, including how far you plan to drive the car, your driving history, the types of coverage you want, where you’re renting a vehicle, and more.


The table below will show you the coverage options available with the average cost and rental car insurance plans:


Type of Coverage What It Does How Much is It?
Loss Damage Waiver The renter will not be responsible for damage of the vehicle $9 to $30/day
Supplemental Liability Coverage Provides up to $1 million in liability coverage $7 to $15/day
Personal Accident Insurance If you’re injured, it provided you the medical and accidental death benefits $1 to $7/day
Personal Effects Coverage Reimburses renter for the value of property stolen from the rental vehicle $1 to $5/day
Roadside Assistance Protection Renter is not financially responsible for chargeable roadside incidents Varies

Does Allianz rental car insurance have good reviews?

As already discussed, Allianz rental car insurance reviews are positive. Some reviews need to include Allianz’s 24-hour emergency support. However, it only covers the drivers’ names on the rental agreement.

If you rent a car, note that Allianz rental car insurance may not cover any damages. They have an A+ financial strength rating with A.M. Best. Along with this, Allianz has an A+ company rating with the Better Business Bureau.


It means that the people who purchase the rental car insurance policy can assured that the company will grow when coverage allows.

Does Allianz have agents?

Yes, Allianz has over 3, 80,000 financial professionals. This includes insurance advisors, registered representatives, and independent insurance agents. However, Allianz sells various types of insurance, and each agent’s role varies based on their professional focus.


If you have a recurring insurance plan instead of one-time travel insurance, an Allianz representative will help you determine how many days you have to renew your plan.


They will also assist you if you need help with your rental car insurance login or have an emergency while travelling.

Is rental car insurance with Allianz my best option?

Allianz rental car insurance is an excellent option once you learn how to rent a car. You will only know that it’s the best for you if you compare car insurance prices with other companies in the US.

Final Thoughts 

Allianz Rental Car Insurance is the best option to purchase a supplementary policy. While renting a car, have some time and do an inspection. Check for damage or any other issues. It’s advised to always rent a car with a company with a reputation for good customer service. After going through the blog, please let me know if you still have any queries or concerns!


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Q. Is Allianz rental car insurance legit?

  1. Yes, Allianz car rental insurance is legit because the reviews are positive. Many reviews show that Allianz’s 24-hour emergency assistance does not include roadside help. Alternatively, they cover only the driver listed on the rental agreement.

Q. Is Allianz rental car insurance primary?

  1. Yes, Allianz rental car insurance is primary coverage. Hence, it pays out, and your rental car insurance includes 24-hour emergency assistance.

Q. What is rental car insurance?

  1. Rental car insurance provides coverage for the theft of a car rental. The popular type of insurance is a Loss-and-damage waiver. It’s also known as the collision damage waiver. It says the rental company will only contact you if the car is stolen or repaired.

Q. Is Allianz travel insurance worth it?

  1. Yes, travel insurance is always worth it. It could be because its value is much higher than its price tag.

Q. How to claim Allianz rental car insurance?

  1. You must contact the insurance company directly to report the rental car accident and file a claim. You can dial 1-866-672-9580 from your phone and talk to the Allianz agent, who will assist you regarding your issues or questions.

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