Ace Car Rental Las Vegas: Price, Deposit, Tips, Etc


February 26, 2024

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Ace Car Rental Las Vegas: Price, Deposit, Tips, Etc

The average price of Ace Car Rental Las Vegas for the Economy car type is: 

Price: $25 to $40

Weekly price: $125 to $200

Monthly price: $400 to $600

The prices of cars change according to the car type, monthly prices, weekly pieces, and the like.

Therefore, we advise you to read this whole blog. Here, we will provide you with the average list of prices of Ace Car Rental Las Vegas according to the type of car, average price, monthly price, and weekly price to ease your selection for a car as per your budget and convenience. Aside from that, you will come to know about deposits, tips to save money, locations, and more.

Ace Car Rental Las Vegas Prices:

To be kept in mind: We have provided you with rough estimates below that are subject to change according to factors such as demand, seasonability, rental location, and specific type of car. Therefore, you must check directly with Ace for the most exact and recent prices.

**Car Type Average Daily Price Average Weekly Price Average Monthly Price**
Economy $25-$40 $125-$200 $400-$600
Compact $30-$45 $150-$250 $500-$750
Intermediate $35-$50 $175-$300 $600-$900
Full-Size $40-$55 $200-$350 $700-$1050
Minivan $50-$70 $250-$450 $850-$1350
Full-Size SUV $55-$80 $300-$500 $1000-$1500
Premium $60-$90 $350-$550 $1200-$1650


Additional helpful tips: 

  • Weekend rates tend to be higher than weekday rates.
  • Generally, airport rentals cost more than off-airport locations.
  • One-way rentals can lead to additional fees.
  • Adding young driver fees, insurance, and other extras can increase the total cost.


Ace Car Rental Adds More Fund to Your Las Vegas Adventure:

Las Vegas is globally famous for its dazzling lights, thrilling activities, and countless possibilities. However, if you want to taste the thickest drop of its magic, you need to be at liberty to explore the city, and for that, Ace Car Rental comes into play.

The Best Ride to Visit Las Vegas: h3

No matter if you cruise the street in style, start an adventure with your family, or are looking for a low-budget exploration, Acs has all to fulfill your expectations:

Fun for Family: The whole crew will feel comfortable due to the convenience and comfort coming from spacious SUVs, which will give birth to unforgettable memories.

Luxury & Style: Enjoy the fresh air ride with sleek sedans or sporty convertibles, which will make your entrance in August.

Budget-Conscious Choices: You will get fuel-efficient options that will help you have a low-budget exploration without any issues in quality.

Explore the Charm of Las Vegas Beyond the Strip: 

You will visit something in Las Vegas that is beyond the dazzling lights. Ace will allow you to explore the unknown beauty of the city:

National Park Explorer: See the matchlessly beautiful landscapes of Zion or Death Valley in a rugged SUV so that you can experience natural wonders and pleasant moments.


Romantic Holidays: Cozy convertibles will allow you to enjoy the best setting for scenic drives, have picnics under the coolness of the moon, and experience intimate escapes with your loved one.


Desert Escapes: Make your journey off-road to explore hidden canyons, sand dunes, and ancient petroglyphs by means of Ace’s diverse fleet.


Get a Hassle-free Experience with Ace:

Online Booking: Move your fingertips to choose your dream car, which will prevent delays and paperwork. This convenience is one of the major reasons for Ace Car Rental Las Vegas reviews.

Effortless Returns: Just drop off your car and create unforgettable memories.

Many Locations: Pick up the car at a location that makes you feel comfortable according to your arrival, which will also save you time.

Begin Your Vegas Story: 

Go to Acs Car Rental today and thrill yourself by indulging in an unforgettable adventure.

You must visit the official Ace Car Rental website for the best deals and choose the perfect car for your Vegas vision.

Sharing your Vegas dream adventure on social media platforms will provide you with a chance to grab a free weekend rental.

Ace Rent a Car Las Vegas Shuttle:

When you reach the Las Vegas Airport, get in the McCarran car rental shuttle bus from the baggage claim area. After exiting the McCarran bus, reach the taxi/off-site pick-up area, which is located right outside the car rental center. Then, stand under sign 7.

Shuttle runs nearly every 15 to 25 minutes in operating hours. Call the Ace Car Rental Las Vegas phone number,

(877) 822-3872 for support. After that, Ace Rent a Car customer service agent will help you with any problems. Besides the Ace Car Rental phone number, you can also rely on the Ace Car Rental email address for support:


Ace Rent-a-Car Locations:

The following are the US locations of Ace Rent a Car:

  1. Alaska
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Connecticut
  5. Florida
  6. Georgia
  7. Guam
  8. Hawaii
  9. Illinois
  10. Louisiana
  11. Maine
  12. Minnesota
  13. Mississippi
  14. Montana
  15. Nebraska
  16. Nevada
  17. New Jersey
  18. New Mexico
  19. New York
  20. North Carolina
  21. Pennsylvania
  22. Puerto Rico
  23. South Carolina
  24. Texas
  25. US Virgin Islands
  26. Utah

Ace Car Rental Las Vegas Deposit:

A renter who wants to rent the Premium Elite Dodge Charger RT, Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator must have their own full coverage insurance, be 26, can’t use a debit card, and the deposit will be $500.

At the rental time, the deposit and charges will be put on the debit card, lessing the available funds in the account related to the card used.

The renter bears the responsibility for any overdraft fees incurred. The renter who wants to rent the Premium Elite Dodge Charge RT has to give proof of their own full coverage insurance. In addition, their age must be 26, they can’t use a debit card, and the deposit will be $500.

Every renter will pay a refundable security deposit of 300 USD and the estimated rental amount.


A local renter will pay a refundable security deposit of $300 and the estimated rental amount.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the mystery vehicle at Ace Rental Cars?

Ace Rental Cars’ mystery cars can be any of its vehicles and may vary in terms of features and availability, like passenger seating, luggage capacity, mileage, and equipment. It may be a more than 5-year-old vehicle, Sedan, Hatchback, or similar with at least 5 seats.

Does Ace Rent a Car require a credit card?

Yes, the renter needs to have a valid driving license, and if it’s not written in Latin letters, the rental company needs an international driving license, passport or ID card, and a valid credit card. The minimum age to rent is 21, and the maximum age to rent is 75.

Can you use a debit card at Ace rent a car?

Yes, the driver’s license and debit or credit card must be in the renter’s name. A debit card will be authorized for a 5000 USD security deposit and the estimated rental cost. An unusual deposit amount submitted at the time of rent will be returned through your bank or payment card processor when you return the vehicle.

Does Ace rental car have a shuttle from LAX airport?

Yes, you may easily and quickly reach the counter by means of the free ACE shuttle. You need to wait for the Ace buses at Blue Lax Shuttle Zone, which is available every 10 to 15 minutes.

How to get to Ace from Las Vegas Airport?

When you reach the Las Vegas Airport, get in the McCarran car rental shuttle bus from the baggage claim area. After exiting the Mcarran bus, move to the taxi/off-site pick-up area, which is outside the care rental center. Thereafter, you need to stand between sign number 4 and 8. That’s how you can have your Ace car rental Las Vegas airport journey.


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Let’s Conclude All:

The average cost of Ace Car Rental Las Vegas for the Economy car is $25 to $40, $125 to $200 (weekly price), and $400 to $600 (monthly price). 

However, the prices of cars are subject to change according to the type of car, monthly prices, weekly prices, and so on. The Ace Car Rental Las Vegas phone number is (877) 822-3872. So, call this number for support or more information.


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