7 Affordable Alternatives To Uber And Lyft

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September 4, 2023

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Alternatives To Uber And Lyft

Overview: 7 Better alternative car riding applications compared to Uber and Lyft are Arro, Gett, Avail, Wingz, HopSkipDrive, Bolt, and Ride Safr. You can conduct individual research and pick one of these applications for regular usage and ride-sharing.

Uber and Lyft have been go-to ride-sharing applications for billions of passengers in the USA and worldwide. However, in recent times, people have started looking for better alternatives to Uber and Lyft because of their unnecessary charges.

Turns out there is not one but several ride-sharing apps better than Uber or Lyft. And today, you will come to know all about it.

Key Factors to Remember:

  • All the ride-sharing applications mentioned here take special care of their riders and, hence, try to provide them with safe rides. However, in case of mishaps, the companies try to compensate the riders as much as possible.
  • The Uber and Lyft alternatives in this list collaborate with local drivers with great knowledge of the area.
  • The car passengers emit zero carbon dioxide and are environment-friendly.

7 Affordable And Luxurious Alternatives to Uber and Lyft

There are various alternatives to Uber and Lyft. However, this list has been formed after in-depth research and skimming.

Thus, the names provided in this list are the best 7 applications apart from Uber and Lyft and are liked by passengers and riders.

1. Arro

Arro remains the best alternative to Uber and Lyft. With 20K+ drivers throughout the USA, Arro aims to serve riders to their utmost capacity. That’s why Arro doesn’t hike its prices even during rush hours. Moreover, your fare is calculated as per the meter.

Primary features:

  • Low Pricing and no hike during rush hours.
  • Fetches only nearby drivers and no one else.
  • You can make payments automatically.

Overall Rating:                                    

  • App Design- 4.3 by the users
  • Usability- 4.2 by the users
  • Popularity- 4, which means quite popular among users.


2.   Gett

You cannot think of cheap without thinking of Gett. Gett is from Israel and is here to stay. Once you download this application, your life gets filled with discounts and offers, as Gett offers up to 49% discount on ride booking.

Moreover, Gett not only thinks about riders, but also drivers. That’s why they are satisfied with their jobs when they pay their drivers high wages.

Primary features:

  • Available in the USA and all around the world
  • Wide range of car models
  • 49% off each time you book a ride.
  • You can customize your travel policy and get more benefits if you’re loyal.

Overall Rating:

  • Design- 4.2 rating given by the users
  • Usability- A 4.5 rating is issued by the users, which means it’s quite popular.
  • Popularity- 4.2! Indeed, this app is quite popular.

3.   Avail

Don’t like anyone driving your car? No worries, with Avail, you can drive your vehicle throughout the city and receive 24/7 service. Furthermore, when you drive Avail, you know you’re insured and thus can drive the car without worry.

Primary features:

  • Insurance by Allstate
  • A wide range of cars available
  • You can share and borrow cars according to your wish
  • $30 off on your first ride booking.

Overall Rating:

  • Design- 4 stars rated by the users
  • Usability- 4.5 stars rated by the users
  • Popularity- 4.7 out of 5 on Apple Store means the application is quite popular among users.

4.   Wingz

If you need wings to fly to the airport, Wingz is your app. This app has become one of the best modes of transport in more than 16 US cities by providing rides to airports. Moreover, with Wingz, you can book your car months before flying, making it one of the most reliable alternatives to Uber and Lyft.

Primary features:

  • You can fix your price before setting off
  • Can book rides days and months before the travel date
  • No price hike during rush hours
  • Pick your favorite driver

Overall Rating:

  • Design- 6 user rating
  • Usability-5 rating given by the users
  • Popularity-7 rating, which means it’s immensely popular among riders.

5.   HopSkipDrive

Want to ensure your children reach school on time while you’re not late for your work again? HopSkipDrive is your option. With this Uber-like app, your children will always be safe and reach their destination on time.

That’s because HopSkipDrive’s utmost priority is child safety. As of 2022, the company has announced that its cars have driven 16.5 million miles in 11 states.

Primary features:          

  • Ride-sharing application for kids
  • 100% Transparent rides to keep you aware of your children’s safety and location.
  • 3 Million rides have been completed so far.
  • Most drivers are female to ensure child safety.

Overall Rating:

  • Design-5. The app’s UI and web page design is slick and smart.
  • Usability-3. The app is easy to use, and thus, users can book rides in seconds.
  • Popularity-7. The app is highly popular, and users have rated it very high in the App Store.

6.   Bolt

Want to reach your destination within the blink of an eye? Bolt is your only option. Available in more than 30 countries, Bolt is one of the cheapest and best alternatives to Uber and Lyft. Bolt will not charge you a cancellation fee unless it’s an emergency, and your rides will come at an extremely cheap fare.

That’s not all; Bolt also offers promo codes that will reduce your ride fare drastically and help you save money.

Primary features:

  • All cars are eco-friendly and carbon-neutral.
  • Transparent and visible fare before you start riding.
  • You can pay through your Bolt app.
  • Rides are available throughout the day.

Overall Rating:

  • Design– The app’s design is rated 4 by the customers.
  • Usability– The app’s usability is 4.5, which means it’s fairly easy to use and thus loved by customers.
  • Popularity– Users have rated this application 4.3, making it one of the most popular ride-sharing apps.


7.   Ride Safr

Here’s a baby fighter in the list, and quite impressive, too. If you are a woman, you know the struggle of staying safe out there. Turning on plenty of safety features on your phone and downloading alarm apps, traveling is indeed a battlefield.

However, with Safr, riding will never be the same for women. That’s because Safr is designed to keep women’s safety in mind. While riders of every gender identity or no identity can book this app, women get a little extra care of the company’s rules.

Unlike Uber or Lyft, you don’t have to pay a hefty amount while requesting a ride here. Moreover, you can book your ride whenever you want.

Primary features:

  • 24/7 available to book and share rides.
  • Special safety is installed in the app for women’s safety.
  • Severe background checking is done on the job applicants before hiring them as drivers.
  • Affordable prices and carbon-free cars that are available 24/7 for riders.

Overall Rating:

  • Design-5 given by the riders for their safety features.
  • Usability- It’s easy to use, and users have rated it 4.2.
  • Popularity-9 total rating on the App Store and Google Play. The rating is lower because it was launched in 2022 and is yet to receive adequate attention.


Alternatives to Uber and Lyft are many, but they won’t be as good as the names on the list. So, without waiting any further, install your preferred application and start booking rides. Now, you don’t have to worry about your wallet anymore.


  1. What is the Safest Ride App?

Ride Safr remains the safest ride-sharing application in the lot. The company goes to great lengths to hire drivers with zero criminal records, driving history, and overall background checks. Thus, people, especially women, feel safe using this application to book rides.

  1. Is There Another Option Besides Uber and Lyft?

Ride-sharing options besides Uber and Lyft are:

  • Via
  • Get
  • Arro
  • Avail
  • Wingz
  • HopSkipDrive
  • Bolt
  1. Why Is Uber So Expensive?

With increasing demands and decreasing drivers, Uber has become expensive. Therefore, passengers look and resort to better and cheaper alternatives.

  1. Which Ride-Sharing App Is the Cheapest?

GETT is the cheapest ride-sharing application in the industry right now. That’s because the company doesn’t charge more during rush hours and is known to provide various offers and discounts.

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