Why Use DoorDash Car Rental Program for Deliveries – A Guide

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August 29, 2023

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DoorDash Car Rental Program

The DoorDash Car Rental program is a great way to perform your DoorDash deliveries. If you choose to become a DoorDash driver, you can pick up and deliver food over extended distances to customers. Although the company lets drivers use bikes, scooters, motorcycles, and even e-bikes to optimize their earnings, using a car is ideal.

This program prevents you from using your own vehicle to make deliveries and pay for gas, insurance, and repair work. All these costs are integrated into the prices of the DoorDash car rental. Moreover, interested drivers can avail of the program at discounted rates and unlimited miles.

If this has got you excited, keep reading to know more about this car rental program and its benefits.

Why Consider the DoorDash Car Rental Program

The biggest reason that drivers look for DoorDash car rental near me is not to put wear and tear on their vehicles. When you use a rental car from DoorDash, you know how much you are spending on a weekly basis because of the fixed rental prices.

Another reason to be a part of this program is to keep earning on DoorDash. You cannot make much money using your own car. But until you are making a profit, it implies you are getting more than sitting at home. Also, if you are not a frequent Dasher, considering this program will be advantageous. Buying your own vehicle for $ 5,000 and not using it every day is much more expensive than renting one from DoorDash for $30 per day.

Are you scared of getting a cheap old car and spending time on its maintenance? The possibility of it breaking down mid-way while you are dashing (or delivering) can terrify anyone. Rental companies like Hertz sanitize every seat of the vehicle, so your car from DoorDash will be in perfect state. The top-notch condition will have you smoothly sailing without any worries.

Which Is the Best DoorDash Car Rental Program?

There are various DoorDash Car Rental programs available for drivers that provide the benefits of convenience and affordability.

Car rental program from Hertz

Hertz provides a weekly rental program, so those who do not want to commit for the long term can use it. The program includes many benefits, such as standard maintenance, exclusive prices for Dashers, and endless miles of driving for personal use and with DoorDash. Besides that, this program also provides a sealed and sanitized car to keep you safe.

To use it, sign up for the rental program online. Then choose the vehicle you desire and when you want to rent it. After that, make the online payment.

Car rental program from Hyrecar

This program lets people make money by renting cars to gig workers and delivery drivers. Again, this program, too, does not require you to enter into a long-term contract. It provides monthly, weekly, and daily rental options. What’s interesting is that drivers also have the option to rent the vehicle for only a day. It provides access to a varied range of cars. From VAN to electric cars, they have something for everyone.

Drivers need to make the payment only for the time they are actively using the vehicle. To get a car from this platform, register an account on Hyrecar. That’s it. Now, pick a suitable car in your area. Tap on the listing and give a message to its owner.

Car rental program from Kinto Share

This is a unique program in which Dashers can rent a vehicle for just an hour. Thus, it’s fully suited for short trips. This rental program gives you access to a range of vehicles, like SUVs, Sedans, and Hybrids. Their prices are extremely affordable, so it is great for drivers with a tight budget.

Getaround Car rental program

Getaround is another place to get a DoorDash car rental. Getaround has a car-sharing platform, particularly for Uber Eats. But you can use it for DoorDash as well. Just sign up and give the membership fee to locate and unlock cars near you. Be sure to use the car for as much time as you want because the agency has affordability for its customers in its minds.

So, if you want to reduce your expenses but supercharge your earnings, use Getaround with DoorDash.

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Rules to Follow as DoorDash Dashers

If you are an approved DoorDash driver, you should follow a set of general rules.

  1. You cannot have a shared DoorDash account with another driver. Although you can share a Dasher account, it is completely at your own risk.
  2. Another person cannot drive under your account. No one else can assume your identity. Again, you can choose to appoint someone else to make your deliveries, but it is also at your own risk.
  3. You can Dash using any transport medium of your preference. It means that if another person has a better vehicle than yours, you may use it.
  4. You can use DoorDash whenever you want for every day or a single day. There is no limit on the number of deliveries you do per week.

Can You Get a DoorDash Car Rental Discount?

You can get many DoorDash car rental discounts online if you search for them. Many car rental companies like Hyre have their promo codes. So, you can avail of a discount. For example, the promo code HYRE10 lets you book the rental for the first time and get 10% off. This discount code also will let you save more dollars on your future rental car.

Besides, DoorDash has created the Dasher Rewards program wherein you must meet some criteria to unlock those rewards. This reward program is available in Allentown, Lancaster, Nashville, Miami, Eugene, Columbus, GA, Grand Rapids, Lubbock, and Corpus Christi.

Some Crucial DoorDash Rewards Programs

Here is a list of the dasher rewards programs.

  1. Top Dasher: This program rewards the Best Dashers. To qualify for it, you must have a customer rating of 4.7, an acceptance rate of 70%, and a completion rate of 95%. If you are a Top Dasher, you can always dash even if the zone on the map is grey.
  2. Priority Access: This benefit prioritizes qualifying dashers for high-paying offers and getting increased accessibility to the road. You must have a customer rating of 4.5 and an acceptance rate of around 50%.
  3. Large Orders Program: Those who are enrolled in this program get more high-value orders during their regular dashes. To qualify, you must have more than 200 lifetime deliveries, a 4.7+ star rating, and a 95% completion rate. You must also have a catering bag.
  4. Early Access Scheduling: Do you have a customer rating of 4.6, a completion rate of 95%, and have completed five deliveries on DoorDash between 11 AM and 11:59 PM from Friday to Thursday? You can qualify for the Early Access Scheduling Program and schedule six days in advance, starting at 3 PM every day.

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Concluding Words

Hopefully, you have gained adequate knowledge of the DoorDash Car Rental program. It can be budget-friendly for many who don’t use their own cars regularly and don’t desire to spend time on their upkeep. Besides, you can avail of discounts using promo codes for certain rentals like Hyrecar. Let us know if you want to learn more about anything related to DoorDash car rental.

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